WWE files lawsuit against 14 users for using BitTorrent to distribute movie

WWE, through its WWE Studios Finance company, has filed at 10-page lawsuit in the district of Connecticut against a group of 14 users who were distributing its newest movie Eliminators through the popular peer-to-peer software BitTorrent. The story was originally reported by worldipreview.com.

All users identified live in the state of Connecticut, identified through the geolocation of IP addresses shared by the Internet Service Providers. WWE does not know the names of the defendants yet. “WWE believes that information obtained in discovery will lead to the identity of each Defendant and will allow WWE to amend this Complaint accordingly. WWE also intends to seek further discovery from the Defendants in order to determine the identity of the specific party responsible for the infringement,” the lawsuit reads.

WWE is looking for defendants to be required to pay to WWE either the actual damages the WWE has sustained because of the infringement or else statutory damages in the amount of $150,000 per infringement.

WWE is requesting a trial by jury. You can read the lawsuit here.

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