WrestleMania Today report for 03/26/2015

The WWE Network had its first WrestleMania week broadcast with WrestleMania Today live from Axxess in San Jose, California.

The show was anchored by Michael Cole and featured Booker T and Corey Graves on the panel as well.

The first item to cover was the Brock Lesnar news that he re-signed wit the WWE. They show the ESPN SportsCenter clip where Lesnar announced his new deal with WWE and the three talked about what it means for the company to have Lesnar around.

Next on the agenda was the Intercontinental title match at WrestleMania. They show a funny recap video of the whole saga and then Wade Barrett joins the panel live. He said that he brought prestige back to the IC title much like Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior did back in their days. Cole noted that the Intercontinental title changed hands at 9 different WrestleManias so the odds are not in his favor.

A long, long, recap video of the feud between Randy Orton and The Authority was then aired followed by a taped sit-down interview with Orton and Booker T.

The Kevin Nash Hall of Fame video was replayed along with a WrestleMania Rewind of John Cena and a Rusev/Cena recap video. The video of Sting from Raw a couple of weeks back was also played as an introduction for the next segment.

Hall of Famer Ric Flair joined the panel live at Axxess and reveals that he tried to get Sting to the WWE in 1993, “before making the mistake of going back to WCW” himself. Flair talked why Sting decided to come to WWE now and said win, lose, or draw, Sting will be a WWE Hall of Famer. Booker T said this will be a defining moment for Sting and it will show why WCW had the best wrestlers of all time! Flair picks Triple H for the win and notes that HHH already jobbed three WrestleManias in a row and he won’t lay down for the fourth one!

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Hall of Fame video then airs and the panel is joined by Miz and Mizdow to talk about the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Curtis Axel crashes the stage and Axelmania runs wild.

A WrestleMania 25 Rewind of the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels was played, followed by a recap of the Undertaker/Bray Wyatt feud so far. The panelists talk about the match and the Undertaker’s streak.

Live cuts to the WWE SupersStore and Wade Barrett signing at Axxess were then shown followed by a Seth Rollins taped interview conducted by Booker T.

Another video this time about the Divas tag team match airs and then Paige joins the panel live. She’s happy with what she accomplished over the past year and wants to continue doing that, and being the champion again. She hopes that one day she’ll be in the WWE Hall of Fame. She said she and AJ are the weirdos of the Divas division and both of them are OK with it.

Parts of the Brock Lesnar interview with Jonathan Coachman on ESPN was aired and the panelists discuss who will win. Cole says no way Reigns will win and Booker T says Reigns will walk out as the champion. Corey Graves says Lesnar will pick up the win.

Cole says goodbye to everyone as Smackdown was about to start and invited everyone to tune in tomorrow same time for the second WrestleMania Today show.

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