Netflix cancels The Big Show Show after one season is reporting that Netflix has opted not to pick up a second season of The Big Show Show, the collaboration between the streaming giant and WWE Studios featuring WWE Superstar The Big Show.

A total of eight episodes are part of the first – and only – season with Big Show starring with Allison Munn, Reylynn Caster, Juliet Donenfeld, Lily Brooks O’Briant, and Jaleel White. In the series, Show plays a retired WWE Superstars whose teenage daughter goes to live with him, his wife, and two other daughters.

Series co-creator Jason Berger thanked Netflix and all the fans in a message on Twitter after the news made it online. “On behalf of the staff, cast, and crew of #thebigshowshow…thank you to everyone who watched either with your fam or alone in your basement. Netflix was a dream to work with AND we had a blast making the show. Rare air! Please take care of each other,” Berger wrote.

Deadline adds that a one-off Christmas special of The Big Show Show will air on Netflix in December. The episode was filmed a few months ago.

Raw ring implodes after superplex by Strowman on Big Show

For the third time, a WWE ring collapsed after a superplex from the top rope, and for the third time, it was the Big Show who was on the receiving end of the move.

During last night’s Raw main event, The Big Show took on Braun Strowman who earlier in the night destroyed pretty much everyone who was in his way. As the match was nearing its end, The Big Show found his way on the top rope and Strowman climbed on the middle rope and suplexed the former champion halfway across the ring.

Upon impact, the ring gave out, sending the referee flying out of the ring in a great-looking bump. The fans obviously popped huge for the spot, getting one of the biggest reactions of the night. After a few minutes down, Strowman got up and fans continued to cheer.

Perhaps one thing that went unnoticed was that unlike previous weeks, there were no video boards around the apron and WWE used its regular curtains around the ring. The stunt would have been more problematic to pull with the expensive video boards around the ring.

The Big Show was previously involved in a similar angle with Brock Lesnar and Mark Henry and on both occasions the ring imploded.

You can see how the superplex unfolded below.

Kurt Angle and Big Show sign with talent agency APA is reporting that WWE Raw General Manager Kurt Angle and WWE Superstar The Big Show have both signed a deal with the APA Agency, a talent agency based in Los Angeles.

APA represents artists, performers, brands, intellectual properties and production across all media platforms including film, television, music, theater, publishing and digital.

Kurt Angle is also represented by Traverse Media and personal manager David Hawk while Paul “Big Show” Wight is also repped by attorney Sam Perlmutter.

Signing with talent agencies will greatly increase their profile and chances when it comes to film and other television roles.