Total Bellas S3 E5 episode recap: Make Up or Break Up?

It seems that just when you think you’ve seen it all on this season of Total Bellas, the Bella Twins and their guys throw viewers a new curveball. Only a few weeks ago, viewers were lamenting the breakup of WWE Superstars, Nikki Bella and John Cena, and now there may be nothing to lament. But I’ll get to that later.

First, I want to talk about Nikki’s sister, Brie and her husband, WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan. After Nikki’s engagement was broken off, Brie decided that she needed to be closer to her sister during her time of trouble. So, rather than simply resolving to visit her sister more often, or make more frequent phone calls, Brie decided that he should uproot her husband and seven month old baby, Birdie, and move them from their Phoenix home to San Diego. First of all, San Diego seems like an odd choice considering that Nikki has spent the last few years living in Tampa, but perhaps Brie was thinking that Nicole may want to be closer to their mom, Kathy and her husband, John who live nearby.

What I find more puzzling, however, is that Brie didn’t consider the fact that Nicole might want to be alone following such a big change in her life. Also, I hate to be the one to point this out, but isn’t Nicole a grown woman? In theory shouldn’t she be able to handle a life event without having her sister and her sister’s husband not only in the same area, but if Brie has her way, in the same house as her? I’m sorry, perhaps I should be more accurate, Brie plans to have a home and then allow Nikki to reside in her guesthouse. It sounds to me more like a scene from Jane Austen era England rather than the modern day United States. If I were Nicole, I wouldn’t feel supported, I would feel as though my sister were smothering me! I would advise Brie to unpack those boxes and stay put in Phoenix. But, maybe that’s just me.

Apparently though, Brie isn’t the only Bella sister to make decisions regarding the other sibling’s life without their consent. While Brie and Bryan busily packed their house in Phoenix, they left Birdie to spend some quality time with her “coco”, as Nicole has dubbed herself. However, Nicole’s adventures in babysitting had barely begun when she decided to call in reinforcements. Nicole’s mom, Kathy, had already agreed to be available for help if Nicole needed it, but Nicole felt that even the support from mom wasn’t enough, in an effort to show Brie that one can be both a mom and a busy career woman, Nicole did something truly outrageous, least in my opinion. She hired a nanny!

That’s right folks, apparently, Nikki’s life is so busy she has to hire a baby sitter while she’s babysitting! I guess it didn’t occur to Nikki that maybe didn’t feel comfortable hiring a nanny, and therefore asked Nicole to babysit to avoid leaving her child with a stranger. I understand that Nicole feels she knows what’s best for her sister, but I feel like only Brie and Daniel, as Birdie’s parents should be able to decide what’s best for her.

Luckily, for Nicole, Brie decided that a nanny might be a good idea after all, especially considering the amount of travel that Brie and Daniel do for work. But, I bet Nicole wouldn’t like it if Brie decided to make parenting decisions for Nicole’s child without consulting her. Speaking of that, it looks like we might be able to see what kind of mom Nicole will make after all, because a baby might just be in the cards for Nicole and John.

Apparently, after a few weeks without Nicole, John decided he simply couldn’t let her go. So, on this episode, he invited Nicole to dinner for a discussion of their relationship. After a few awkward minutes, during which they were interrupted three times by the waiter, John asked Nicole if the only reason she had decided to call off their engagement was because John refused to have kids with her.

When Nicole responded that this was in fact the only reason, John said that he would be willing to have children if it meant he could still share his life with Nicole. I personally don’t feel that simply agreeing to have kids to save one’s relationship is a good foundation for any marriage, or journey into parenthood. However, a little baby would certainly add more love, laughter, and drama to another season of Total Bellas.

Total Bellas S3 E4 episode recap: The Bella Comeback

Breaking up may be hard to do, but it sure didn’t stop Nikki Bella from kicking some serious butt on this week’s episode of Total Bellas.

Of course, Nikki wasn’t alone as this week’s episode chronicles an important event in WWE history, the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble. In the past women have been thought to be far too delicate state in this iconic event which involves Superstars tossing one another out of the wrestling ring one by one until only one participant out of the 30 original men are left. However, with the women’s revolution sweeping through the WWE like wildfire, the powers that be at WWE finally decided that it was time for the women to take center stage in a Rumble of their own.

The Rumble brought together past, present, and future women Superstars of WWE on one stage in Philadelphia. Certainly, the Bella Twins weren’t going to miss the chance to participate in the historic event. However, since both women have retired, it’s been a while since the sisters have had to practice their craft, so some training was definitely in order.

For training, there’s no better place than Florida, home of the WWE’s Performance Center. Florida has also been one of the home bases for Nikki Bella and her ex fiancé, John Cena. Packing her things brought back a rush of memories for Nicole. This is no surprise since some of John and Nicole’s sweetest moments have taken place in their Tampa home. It certainly didn’t help that upon arriving to the house, Nicole found a dozen red roses and a sweet card from John. Perhaps, he’s having second thoughts? Whatever John’s feelings though, the show had to go on. The Bella sisters had to get training.

The Bella Twins have always been known for their teamwork and great in ring chemistry, but it appeared that both women were having a little trouble adjusting after their long hiatus. It didn’t help that Brie still struggling with post-pregnancy body image issues, or that Nikki still has limitations because of her neck injury a few years ago. However, with a little help from Brie’s husband Daniel Bryan, the two were soon ready to get in the ring again. In fact, Nikki went on to become the runner-up in the women’s Royal Rumble after losing to Asuka. Overall, it was an incredible evening for women sports entertainment.

Meanwhile, the twins’ mother, Kathy, was able to realize a lifelong dream in this episode. Apparently, before becoming a mom, Kathy had gone to the University of Tampa in hopes of becoming a broadcast journalist. However, after becoming pregnant with twins during her freshman year, Kathy dropped out of college to raise her girls. In a strange twist of fate, the University asked the Bella Twins to do the weather on their collegiate news channel while they were in town, and Brie and Nikki decided to recommend their mom instead!

While this was a generous act on the twins part, at first it seemed as though they’d done nothing except cause their mother extra anxiety. While rehearsing for her on camera broadcasting debut, Kathy stumbled, swore, and sweated her way through many practice broadcasts. Then she fronted about her choice of outfit and whether or not students would find her relatable considering the age. Even once she arrived on campus she stumbled her way through two broadcast takes before asking Nicole to come relieve her of her duties.

However, when she saw that even Nicole stumbled some during her take, Kathy was able to come back for one more take and ended up doing a fantastic job. This episode was full of dreams accomplished for both generations of Bella women, and that makes me look forward to next week’s episode even more!

Monday Night Raw TV report for 05/28/2018

Hello fans! Welcome to tonight’s Memorial Day edition of Monday Night Raw, LIVE from Richmond, Virginia. A special thank you to all of our troops, as today is the day we honor their ultimate sacrifice. I’m @TheMagnumDA, and I’ll be taking you on this magical mystery tour for the next three hours. Well, it’s not quite a tour…it’s a very brief recap with opinions.

How did I get off-subject this quickly? Enough talk. ON WITH THE SHOW.

The Results:

Braun Strowman Promo: Braun declares himself to be “Mr. Monster in the Bank”, and that no one is going to stop him from destroying Brock Lesnar. This brings out Finn Balor, who reminds everyone that he’s the first Universal Champion and that he was never defeated for the title. Braun smiled and said, “You put up a good fight for a little guy.” After slapping Balor across the chest, Kurt Angle comes out and books Finn vs. Braun in a rematch from last week!

1. Finn Balor defeated Braun Strowman by DQ (***) Just as good as last week’s bout, but without a decent finish. KO comes in to interrupt Finn’s attempt of a second Coup de Grace. We get Finn vs. KO next week!

Elias Promo: Elias stalls through a commercial break before Seth Rollins’ entrance interrupts his performance. This leads to our IC title match!

2. Jinder Mahal (w/ Sunil Singh) defeated Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins by DQ, so Rollins retains the Intercontinental Championship (***1/4) This ended when Rollins, who was attacked twice by Mahal/Singh with a chair in recent weeks, took revenge into his own hands by smashing Mahal with some wicked chairshots.

Post-match Attack by Elias: After the match, Rollins is celebrating and posing on the announcer’s table when Elias destroys a guitar over Seth’s back! This causes Rollins to do a somersault off the table onto the floor. I think we have our next IC title program lined up. The medics attend to Rollins as fans sing “Happy Birthday” to him. Really? There’s a time and a place for that, kids. Rollins refuses to be carried off, opting to leave under his own power. The fans go crazy for that.

Nia Jax Exhibition: Ronda Rousey is viewing the proceedings from the announcer’s table. For the exhibition, Nia lets Michelle Webb (former Judo champion) put her in the armbar. Nia picks her up – using the arm that’s locked in the armbar – and then DROPS Webb to the mat with force. From there, she hits the legdrop and has a good, long heel laugh about it. Finally, Jax flattens Webb with a rolling senton. This is a different Nia Jax from “Backlash”, wouldn’t you say? Ronda and Nia have a staredown as their title match at MITB is only weeks away.

3. Raw Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt defeated the Ascension in a nontitle match (*1/4)

4. Kevin Owens defeated Bobby Roode (**1/2)

Sami Zayn Promo: Sami came out and apologized for his actions last week, but then he turned it around on the fans. Sami said he was being honest, and that if anyone was a liar, it was Bobby Lashley. This brought out Lashley, who saluted the troops and challenged Sami Zayn to a match at MITB. Sami accepted via handshake, and Bobby crushed his hand like a grape. Well, that was a nice turnaround from last week!

5. Drew McIntyre (w/ Dolph Ziggler) defeated Chad Gable (**1/2)

Memorial Day Tag Team BBQ: You know what? Just read the “Ugly” section at the end.

6. Sasha Banks wins the ‘Money in the Bank’ Last Chance Gauntlet Match (**3/4)

– Bayley defeated Liv Morgan with a belly-to-belly in 11 seconds. Reminded me of my namesake, Magnum T.A.!!

– Bayley defeated Sarah Logan with a victory roll at the 1:25 mark of this match. Afterwards, the Riott Squad destroy Bayley, leading to Ruby vs. Bayley!

– Ruby Riott pinned Bayley at the 6:03 mark with the Riott Kick.

– Ruby Riott defeated Dana Brooke at the 6:59 mark with another Riott Kick. Ruby’s killing it out there.

– Ruby Riott defeated Mickie James at the 13:22 mark with an inside cradle (and a handful of trunks). The Richmond crowd was PISSED about this, as this is Mickie’s hometown.

Final Match: Sasha Banks defeated Ruby Riott at the 19:14 mark by tapout (Bank Statement) to win the Gauntlet Match.

The Good

Fine Night for the Underrated: I consider Ruby Riott and Chad Gable to be two of the most underrated wrestlers on Raw. Tonight, they got a chance to have another decent outing, and they did not disappoint. Ruby had a spectaular run in the Gauntlet Match, and I am convinced that Vince/HHH have a soft spot for Ruby. Think about it: She was the set-up girl for Charlotte prior to WrestleMania XXXIV, and she was the set-up girl for Sasha Banks prior to MITB. They obviously have a lot of trust in her. As for Gable? For the second week in a row, Gable had you believing that he could beat a member of “The Show”. Yes, decisive wins were picked up by Ziggler and McIntyre, but I like where this is going. Now, if only Gable could find a tag team partner to face these guys…

Lashley Keeps It Simple: Last week’s “Three Sisters” segment will go down as one of the lamest promos of the year. Thankfully, Lashley stepped it up this week by BEING SIMPLE. That’s all he had to do in the first place! He thanked our veterans, which got a fantastic pop from the Virginia crowd. From there, he challenged Sami Zayn to a one-on-one match at Money in the Bank, and then he crunched Sami’s hand after a disingenuous handshake. Short and sweet. It wasn’t anything memorable, but Bobby needed to get back to basics after last week’s debacle.

The Bad

The Gauntlet Match Concept: I was actually entertained by the main event last night, but I couldn’t help but think about the last time there was a Gauntlet Match for the men (from February of this year). That match went over an hour, and it truly felt like a marathon. Seth Rollins went over an hour in that match! Tonight’s main event felt like they were moving through matches as quickly as possible – especially with Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan, and Dana Brooke. Don’t get me wrong…I would not want to watch those three in long matches, but they deserve longer than 11 seconds, 76 seconds, and 55 seconds. Give them at least a couple of minutes!

The Ugly

Memorial Day BBQ: This has all of the hallmarks of a segment produced by Vince. Announcers giggling the whole time? Check. Holiday food fight? Check. Someone getting food dumped on them like it was “slime” on the Nickelodeon network? Double check. Now, with all of that said, this segment exposed a dirty little secret…there’s not much of a tag team division on Raw. There’s really only two teams worthy of being the tag champions – the Hardy/Wyatt duo, and the Ziggler/McIntyre team. Everybody else in that division is a geek! It also seems pretty obvious that Dallas and Axel are winning the tag team battle royal next week, but the question is…will they actually win the straps? If they do, they wouldn’t be anything other than transitional champions to Ziggler and McIntyre.

Alright folks, that’s going to do it for the Memorial Day edition of Monday Night Raw! Next week, we get Finn vs. KO, the tag team battle royal for the #1 Contender’s spot, Bobby Roode vs. Braun Strowman, and Nia Jax vs. Natalya. See you tomorrow for the Smackdown Live TV report. JOE VS. BRYAN! @TheMagnumDA, signing off.

Total Bellas S3 E2 episode recap: What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting

In this episode, Nikki Bella, and her then fiancé John Cena were continuing to prepare for the wedding that almost was. Since the couple announced their breakup earlier this month, WWE fans everywhere have been curious about the events which led WWE’s power couple to break off their engagement. I believe that this episode might give us some important clues as to why the two couldn’t seem to make it work.

The episode began with Nikki and her sister, Brie, driving in a car together when Nikki received a call from John’s long time best friend and personal trainer, Rob. In characteristic Bella twin fashion, Nicole rambled on about the weekend’s upcoming plans, namely the couple’s upcoming engagement party. Nicole then suggested that maybe Rob would like to come in town for the event, as he would be John’s best man. On the surface, this seems like a perfectly innocent statement. There was only one problem. Nicole hadn’t actually spoken to John about whom he would like to be his best man before speaking to Rob.

Call me crazy, but I think that for a wedding the man should select his own attendants, and have the pleasure of telling his friends himself about the honor that they are to receive. Clearly, Nikki’s sister, Brie, thought so as well, because as soon as Nicole got off the phone she called her sister out on her error in judgment. Luckily, when Nicole spoke to John about the situation later, he said that he had been planning to ask Rob to be best man anyway, but still. Perhaps this lack of communication had something to do with the couple’s breakup?

During the same conversation, John took Nicole to task for another communication failure. Nicole had always dreamed of being married in Napa Valley, California. However, she had acquiesced to John’s wish of being married in his hometown of West Newberry, Massachusetts. While I understand that Nicole was trying to make sure that her fiancé was as happy as possible with her nuptial arrangements, I still feel as though John was correct in saying that she should have been honest with him about her wishes regarding their wedding.

Luckily, John didn’t seem to care where the couple got married, as long as they did. He was willing to change the wedding location to Napa for Nicole’s sake. However, something still didn’t feel right to Nicole. I think that her discussion with the newly appointed best man, Rob, about his newborn, and how much parenting had changed him upset Nicole whose hopes for a child had been dashed John’s wish to remain childless.

Nicole’s mood didn’t even improve when she and her female relatives went on the excursion that is usually the highlight of any bride’s experience, wedding dress shopping. As the women around her exclaimed at the sight of her in the gorgeous white gown, Nicole’s bad mood became more and more evident. I think that with the hustle and bustle of wedding activities, it was slowly becoming clear to Nicole that as her wedding day approached her dreams of being a mom were slipping away from her. While I feel badly for her I think this is something she should have thought about before accepting John’s marriage proposal. However, perhaps the setting of WrestleMania on live television combined with the excitement of finally getting a proposal from the man she loved caused Nicole to feel that she could overlook her maternal instincts.

However, as wedding preparations continued, it became clear to Nicole’s sister, Brie, as well as to John that something was wrong with Nicole. John even asked Nicole repeatedly what was wrong with her. To further complicate matters, Brie discovered that Lauren, the wife of her brother, JJ, was expecting baby number two. Even though Lauren swore Brie to secrecy, after one too many glasses of champagne at John and Nicole’s engagement party, Brie couldn’t help but announce the news to all the family and friends gathered at John and Nicole’s engagement party.

I personally thought that this was the rudest thing that Brie could possibly have done. It’s not right in my opinion to take a day that is meant to be about one person and make it all about another. Brie should have done as Lauren had originally suggested and waited until after the engagement party to allow Lauren and JJ to make their big announcement. Further I think that Lauren shouldn’t have acquiesced to Brie’s suggestion that they announce her pregnancy at the engagement party. This miscalculation on the part of both women caused Nicole to leave her own party in tears!

The tension between John and Nicole still hadn’t eased several days later when the couple went to scope out there wedding venue. Before touring the rest of the gorgeous vineyard, Nicole suggested that she and John go someplace private to talk. Viewers were left on a cliffhanger so will just have to see what happens next week on Total Bellas.

Smackdown Live TV report for 05/22/2018

Hello everybody! It’s @TheMagnumDA with another installment of the Smackdown Live TV report! This week, we were supposed to get Big Cass vs. Samoa Joe in the main event, but due to Cass’ injuries from last week, that match has been scrapped. In its place, Jeff Hardy will fight Daniel Bryan one-on-one, with the winner facing Samoa Joe next week to determine the final entrant in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Enough jib-jab, ON WITH THE SHOW.

The Results

MizTV with The New Day: Miz asks New Day whoooooo will be participating in the MITB Ladder Match. New Day tease and frustrate Miz, which leads to Miz cutting a promo on each member of the group. He says that if they took their work more seriously, they’d have greater success. Miz asks once more, “Which member is entering the Money in the Bank Ladder Match?” After a brief huddle, Kofi announces that it will be Big E…wrestling Miz tonight!

1. The Miz defeated Big E (w/Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) (**1/2)
2. Lana (w/Aiden English) defeated Billie Kay (w/Peyton Royce) to qualify for Money in the Bank (1/2*)
3. Andrade “Cien” Almas (w/Zelina Vega) defeated a local competitor – I don’t think we ever got a name, did we? (*)

AJ Styles-Shinsuke Nakamura Face-to-Face: Shinsuke teased a Pillow Fight for the WWE Championship. No, seriously. Eventually, AJ Styles gets tired of Shinsuke’s games, and walks away from the interview. Shinsuke goes to attack him, but AJ is ready for him. AJ throws Shinsuke out of the ring, but when he follows Nakamura outside, Nakamura drills him with a chair. After another back-and-forth, Shinsuke nails AJ again with the chair. Nakamura starts counting to 10, but AJ gets up to his feet. This infuriates Nakamura, who drops AJ on the announcer’s table. AJ gets blasted with the Kinshasa, and from there Nakamura counts to 10. If you haven’t guessed by now, the WWE Championship match at Money in the Bank will be “Last Man Standing.”

4. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson defeated The Usos to become tag team title #1 contenders (*3/4)
5. Naomi defeated Sonya Deville (w/Mandy Rose) to qualify for Money in the Bank (*1/4)
6. Daniel Bryan defeated Jeff Hardy to qualify for Money in the Bank (***1/2)

The Good

Return of The Dragon: I was reading the forums this past weekend, and there were some fans who thought that Daniel Bryan’s return has been pretty uninspiring. “He’s just another guy,” they said. I don’t know about you, but I think Bryan is the #1 reason to be watching WWE right now. Everything he’s doing is light years ahead of the other competitors, so every time he steps in the ring, it’s a breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, the feud with Big Cass has been pretty lame. It’s still great to see Bryan doing what he loves, and better than anybody else in the company.

New Matchups: I mentioned this last month, but it bears repeating – I am a big fan of keeping things fresh. Bryan vs. Hardy, Bryan vs. Joe, and Bludgeon Brothers vs. Good Brothers are good examples of matchups that are fresh, in the fans’ eyes. I also like the idea of Smackdown and Raw guys competing in the same MITB match, because you won’t see this same lineup again the rest of the year. Fresh is good!

The Bad

Last Man Standing: I actually really liked the AJ/Shinsuke segment last night. The problem is that they booked a “Last Man Standing” match at Money in the Bank. I don’t like the choice of the match, simply because at their last PPV outing…both men couldn’t get up by the count of ten. Conceivably, they could end up having the EXACT SAME finish as they did at Backlash (they better not).

The Ugly

The IIconics: Yeah, they’ve jumped the shark with me. I know shrieking female heels usually get heat, but man…this is getting to a point of sheer annoyance. Plus, Billie Kay losing to Lana? Mere weeks after defeating Asuka? Yeah, they’re toast.

Alright, that’s going to do it for the Smackdown Live TV report for this week! Tune in next week! JOE VS. BRYAN!! @TheMagnumDA, signing off.

Total Bellas S3 E1 episode recap: Have You Cena?

Let me start off by saying that I feel as though watching this season of Total Bellas is going to be sort of like watching a train wreck in reverse.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple weeks, you already know that WWE Superstars, Nikki Bella and John Cena called off their engagement in early May just weeks before their planned nuptials. Furthermore, there has been a lot of speculation about the couple’s possible reunion.

At first, when I heard about the split I figured that the upcoming season of Total Bellas wouldn’t be airing because no one wants to watch their own relationship implode on national television. Apparently, however, Nikki Bella and John Cena have no problem reliving life’s most painful moments in primetime. So, if they don’t have a problem with the world watching their relationship end, I certainly have no issue with recapping all the gory details for my loyal fans.

All sarcasm aside, I am truly sorry that the couple has broken up, I truly believed that they were good for one another, and hope they can find a way to resolve their differences.

The episode begins with the twins, Nikki and Brie giving the world and update on all that has happened to them since the last season. Right away, I began to detect something odd about Brie’s feelings about her sister’s engagement.

When listing exciting events that happened them, Brie left off Nikki’s engagement entirely, and didn’t seem at all pleased when Nikki added it. Was I the only one who saw the slight eye roll from Brie after Nikki pointed out that they had forgotten to mention her wedding plans, and that “I have this huge rock on my hand?”

Although I think that it wasn’t very classy of Nikki to point out the large size of her engagement ring, I don’t think that that was Brie’s only issue with the comment. It seems that Cena may be a 16-time WWE champion, but he has yet to win over the heart of his future sister-in-law, or should I say ex future sister-in-law.

One would think that Nikki’s family would be happy seeing her engaged to the man loved so much, but apparently Brie would not have been happy unless Cena had acquiesced to the other desire of her sister’s heart: the desire to become a mom.

Still, since Brie’s move to San Diego it seems that Nikki has been able to see her sister a lot more often by staying in John’s palatial San Diego home. In fact, Nicole was delighted to be showing her new house to her entire family at the beginning of the episode.

That’s right, folks, the entire Bella family is back for this third season of Total Bellas. This includes mom Kathy, her husband John, Brie, her husband Daniel Bryan, their 7 month old daughter Birdie, the twins’ brother JJ, his wife Lauren, and their daughter Vivian. This almost guarantees a season full of love, laughter, and of course, drama.

Meanwhile, the family showed up at John and Nicole’s new home for the family’s beginning of the season, formal dress dinners. With the new mansion pristine, the family fully expected a reprisal of John’s rules which strictly governed his Tampa home in season one of the show. However, John showed a small amount of loneliness to adapt to the ways of the future family by announcing that there were no rules in his new house much to the family’s relief.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t all play for the Bella sisters in California. First, they went to a photo shoot advertising their lingerie line, Birdiebee. Brie wasn’t sure how she felt having her post baby body on display in skimpy lingerie. Personally, I thought she looked amazing particularly for a person who gave birth to seven months ago. But, I am not in the fashion industry.

While Brie took pictures in LA, Daniel was on daddy duty. I personally found it adorable when he took Birdie on her first carousel ride accompanied by his brother-in-law, JJ, sister-in-law Lauren, and their daughter, Vivian. However, When Brie was informed of the outing after the long photo shoot, she was extraordinarily irritated.

Apparently, baby’s first carousel ride is a monumental moment that any supermom shouldn’t miss! Don’t worry, Brie, the chances that Birdie will actually remember the ride are slim to none. Just go with them next time, and she won’t know the difference.

Later, when Brie and Nikki went out of town again to taste samples of their new wine, Daniel made the mistake of taking Birdie for her first swim lesson! This time though, he thought he had covered his bases by having Brie’s mom Kathy, come along and videotape the experience. However, Kathy is apparently not an experienced camera person and the video was not to Brie’s liking. Again I repeat the chances that Birdie will actually remember her first swimming experience are slim to none, So Brie really had not missed much, but even missing a moment of her baby’s life seemed to devastate Brie so from now on when Daniel has Birdie on his own he should stick to activities that Brie has already witnessed.

Daniel wasn’t the only one to make a mistake while Brie was away. In my opinion, Brie herself made a critical error in judgment. While the sisters were at the vineyard, Brie happened to mention to Nicole that the vineyard would be an ideal place for a wedding. She did this, knowing full well that Nicole and John already planned to marry in John’s hometown in Massachusetts. Apparently, Brie just couldn’t resist reminding Nicole of her dream of marrying in Napa, California.

It seems that Brie’s sisterly affection just couldn’t allow her to resist reminding Nikki of just how much she was giving up for John. Come back next week to see more drama unfold on the next episode of Total Bellas.

Smackdown! Live TV report for 08/22/2017

First off, I would like to give my best wishes and blessings for Ric Flair. I didn’t write anything last week about him because I wanted to wait until more news broke out, and I honestly was preparing for the worst, thinking I would have to write a tribute piece tonight. I am glad that did not happen, and that he is on the road to recovery.

In the business he loves, SummerSlam in the books, and we have a “new era” of sorts that begins with Smackdown! tonight. We have new champions, some still champions, and a whole lot of questions as to who’s going against who for the next month. I will not spoil for those who want to be surprised, so instead just read on to find out!

Smackdown Live Television Report for August 22, 2017 – “More Opportunities”

Introduction Segment: Video Promo

A recap of SummerSlam featuring the United States Championship Match between Champion A.J. Styles and challenger Kevin Owens with Commissioner Shane McMahon as the special referee is shown.

Arena Promo

We go live to The Barclay’s Center and the United States Champion A.J. Styles is out first. Amid chants of his name, he has a microphone in hand in the middle of the ring. “Welcome to Smackdown! Live, ‘the house that A.J. Styles built!’ And I am still your United States Champion after beating Kevin Owens at SummerSlam.” He calls himself “the workhorse of WWE,” and brings back the United States Championship Open Challenge, beginning immediately! The man to answer … the former champion, Kevin Owens.

“K.O.” stands on stage with a mike too, but A.J. quickly denies him. Owens disputes the outcome of their SummerSlam match, and reiterates a “screwjob” from a McMahon to a “legendary Canadian.” The Commissioner now joins in the ring with the two rivals. Shane sticks to his word that he “called the match right down the middle, and in the end, A.J. won, fair and square.”

Kevin argues about McMahon’s physical aptitude and then airs footage of the three-count that was waived off because Styles placed his foot on the bottom rope. A.J. has heard enough and tells Owens that if he wants it, he can have a rematch. Shane relents but books it, however, “K.O.” wants more. Citing numerous issues, he wants a referee of his own. McMahon refuses but Styles is fine with it, so Shane again reluctantly agrees, but also puts Owens on notice that this will be his last opportunity for the championship if he loses.

Office Promo

General Manager Daniel Bryan is on his cellphone when The Singh Brothers walk in. They introduce WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, who puts himself over. Daniel points out that he can’t win without the help of Samir and Samil, which Mahal becomes displeased with the accusation. Bryan books a match with Shinsuke Nakamura taking on The Singh Brothers tonight!


Backstage Promo

Kevin Owens spots Sami Zayn and asks him to be the referee, despite their history. Sami doesn’t even recall why they started feuding as they have been for a while, which Owens agrees and tells him that Zayn’s not had much of a job on Smackdown! lately, so why not have one tonight. Sami looks like he is pondering that idea while Kevin walks away.

Arena Promo

Aiden English calls for a spotlight and he sings in an operatic voice, until he is interrupted by ….


Bobby Roode makes his Smackdown! debut and will be wrestling now!

Match #1: Single – Aiden English VS. Bobby Roode

They both pose and then Bobby clotheslines Aiden to the floor!


Roode and English go back-and-forth until Aiden misses a top-turnbuckle dive and is slammed with a spinebuster. Bobby signals, and then drives English to the canvas with his Glorious DDT! (Implant DDT). Roode covers fro the victory!

Winner via Pinfall: Bobby Roode

Post-match, Rene Young interviews “Glorious.” He touts his successes, and thanking Shane and Daniel for bringing him to Smackdown off of Free Agency. “Smackdown went from being ‘great’ to being ‘glorious!’”

Office Promo

Daniel is with Chad Gable, who wants a new start. Bryan is going to give it to him in the form of a new tag team partner – the returning Shelton Benjamin! Chad is excited, but Benjamin seems a little more reserved and wants to find out what happens next week when they will be in their first match together as a team.

Backstage Promo

Kevin Owens has a referee’s shirt and hands it to Sami Zayn, but Zayn denies him afterall.

The Hype Bros – Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley make their entrances for a bout, next!


Match #2: Tag Team – The Hype Bros (Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder) VS. Tag Team champions The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) (Non-title)

Mojo and Jimmy start out trading shots, and then Jey and Jimmy double-team Mojo, allowing The Usos to take control. Rawley eventually gets the hot-tag to Zack, but The Champions are too much and Superkick him for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winners via Pinfall: Tag-Team Champions The Usos

Post-match, Jimmy and Jey warn all of Smackdown! Live’s Tag-Teams that The Usos are here to rule!

Shinsuke Nakamura is walking through the halls, and is taking on The Singh Brothers next!


Match #3: Two-On-One – Shinsuke Nakamura VS. The Singh Brothers (Samir and Samil) (with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal)

Even though both Brothers can be in the ring at the same time, Nakamura dominates the early part of this contest. Jinder helps out – hands off – and that allows The Singhs to double-team for a bit, until Shinsuke catches one of the Brothers in a Triangle Choke, forcing them to give-in!

Winner via Submission: Shinsuke Nakamura

Post-match, Mahal attacks, but Nakamura turns it around and hits his Kinsasha knee-to-the-face!

Backstage Promo

Kevin is still looking for a referee and is caught by Breezango! They want to be his “referees,” but he flat-out rejects them. Baron Corbin walks up and offers his help, only if he gets a shot at the title. Owens agrees.


Arena Promo

New Women’s champion Natalya struts to the ring. She puts down former champion Naomi, and declares herself “forever” to be Smackdown’s champion. She promises to bring back “dignity” to the championship.

“Ms. Money In The Bank” Carmella and James Ellsworth make their entrances and threaten Natalya about her cashing in for a title shot. “At SummerSlam, I let you have your moment, but just remember, when the time is right, I’ll be trading in my contract for that championship. Capiche?”

Match #4: Tag-Team – Women’s Champion Natalya and Carmella (with James Ellsworth) VS. Becky Lynch and Naomi

Carmella and Naomi start out, with Carmella dancing around at first, and then suddenly tagging in Nattie. The Champ and Naomi lock up and we go to break!


Becky and Nattie are now in the ring, with Natalya stomping away at Lynch in the corner. Nattie clamps on a grounding rear-chinlock, but Becky works out of it, however Natalya hits back with a clothesline. Nattie wants to switch, but Carmella hops off of the apron; they argue and Becky takes advantage. She elbows Natalya out of the corner, but the Women’s Champion pulls her off of the second turnbuckle and covers but only gets two! Lynch reverses a suplex into an inside cradle, and then tags in Naomi, who locks on her submission. Natalya works out of that and tries the Sharpshooter, but Naomi wiggles out. Nattie forces Carmella in, and Becky and Naomi finish her off!

Winners via Pinfall: Becky Lynch and Naomi


Backstage Promo

Dasha is with a Dolph Ziggler, who is back after a long absence. He pokes fun at everyone who has some fancy attribute to them, claiming that’s what he needs to be noticed again. Dolph vows to start that next week.

Locker Room Promo

Lana is with Tamina and tells her that her “quest” for the Women’s championship starts next week. She has Tamina bring out her “rage” through meditation, and calls her “the most-feared woman on Smackdown! Live.”

Backstage Promo

United States Champion A.J. Styles is walking towards the entrance area when Baron Corbin stops him. He wants to make the same deal with Styles, but A.J. informs him to get in line with the Open Challenge next week, when Styles wins tonight. Corbin quips “see you out there, champ,” and walks away.

Baron Corbin makes his entrance for the main-event, next!


Match #5: Single for the United States Championship – Kevin Owens (Challenger) VS. A.J. Styles (Champion) (Special Referee: Baron Corbin)

Owens stalls on the outside and then slides in and stomps away. Styles gains control as Corbin fairly looks on.


Kevin trips up A.J. on the apron and throws him into the barrier with a fall-away slam. He rolls him back in the ring for a near-fall, and then wears him down with a grounding rear-chinlock. Owens continues to govern until Styles reverses into a wheelbarrow-facebuster!

They slug away at each other and then A.J. hits numerous fists and kicks. He measures Kevin in the corner and runs at him with a leaping-forearm! He almost gets this after a fireman’s-carry neckbreaker! Styles and Baron have calm words, and then A..J. sets up for the Phenomenal Forearm; Kevin ducks but gets trapped in the Calf-Crusher! He just about taps and almost clasps the bottom rope; Styles rolls him away, but Corbin tells Styles that Owens actually did grab the rope.

Kevin shoves A.J. into Baron, who shoves Styles back into a roll-up for a very-quick two! Owens rolls-up again for another fast-count, and they both clothesline each other. Commissioner McMahon charges down and bickers with Corbin about his officiating. In the ring, Kevin gives A.J. a low-blow and covers, but Shane pulls Baron out of the ring! They squabble again, and then Corbin ditches the referee shirt and job!

McMahon is now the ref, to Owens’ chargin! Styles capitalizes with his Phenomenal Forearm and covers for the victory!

Winner via Pinfall and STILL United States Champion: A.J. Styles

Post-match, A.J. celebrates as Kevin looks on in disbelief and anger to close the show.

End of Smackdown! Live.

Monday Night Raw TV report for 08/21/2017

Hello everybody! It’s @TheMagnumDA with tonight’s Raw report. We are LIVE from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. I’m trying a new, condensed format for these Raw reports. Give me your feedback on Twitter, and let me know what you think!

If you watched SummerSlam, you saw five (!!) championships change hands, with Jinder Mahal and Brock Lesnar successfully retaining their World and Universal Championships. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose won the Raw Tag Team titles from Cesaro and Sheamus. Natalya won the Smackdown Women’s title from Naomi, while Sasha Banks defeated Alexa Bliss to become the new Raw Women’s Champion. Finally, Neville won back the Cruiserweight Championship and The Uso’s defeated The New Day for the Smackdown Tag Team titles. Tonight, I have a feeling that you’re going to see the seeds planted for much later down the road…maybe even WrestleMania.

We start tonight with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman! Great reaction from the crowd. Heyman talks about last night’s Fatal 4 Way, and how this is the first time Brock Lesnar left on a stretcher. However, Brock still conquered his opponents and retained his Universal Championship. Heyman gets a dig on Roman Reigns, saying that Lesnar not only prevailed but he did so by pinning Roman Reigns. Ouch! Crowd loved it, though. Heyman says that henceforth, the only man doing the conquering on Raw will be BRRROCK Lesnar.

This brings out Braun Strowman! Braun walks into the ring and immediately gets in Lesnar’s face. Surprisingly, a HUGE “Strowman!” chant breaks out from the New York crowd. Lesnar screamed, “You’re looking at the champ!” Apparently, this was enough provocation for Strowman to goozle Lesnar. Lesnar breaks free, but Strowman catches him in the gut with a knee. Strowman then delivers TWO major Running Powerslams on Lesnar, leaving him in a heap on the ground. I guess we have our main event for No Mercy!

Match #1 – Enzo Amore vs. Big Cass – Brooklyn Street Fight

Before the match, Enzo cut a promo saying that this is where it all started 15 years ago for Enzo and Cass. Enzo talked about breaking bread with Cass, and now all he does is break hearts. This match was all Cass at the start, as he was dominant over Amore. The big story of this match took place at the 8-minute mark, when Big Cass went to deliver a boot to the face of Enzo. Enzo ducked out of the way and pulled the rope down, sending Big Cass tumbling to the floor. Unfortunately, as Cass planted his leg on the ground (outside the ring), his blew out his knee. Frankly, it was pretty unsettling to watch. Cass tried to keep going, but his leg finally gave out during an Empire Elbow attempt. At that point, the ref called for the bell.

Winner: Enzo by Referee Stoppage (*)

After the match, the referee calls for the trainer as Cass is screaming expletives. You can’t help but feel bad for Colin after seeing this setback. Along with Asuka’s broken Collar Bone, Cass probably has a torn ACL. Injuries are catching up to these guys!

Emma is backstage talking trash about Sasha Banks and Nia Jax to Dana Brooke. Unfortunately, Nia Jax was standing right behind Emma when this all went down. Jax says to Emma, “After our match tonight…the hashtag is going to read #GiveEmmaCPR.” Any time you have to mention a hashtag, it sounds a little forced. Just saying.

Match #2 – Nia Jax vs. Emma

Jax completely decimated Emma in a matter of two minutes, winning with a Samoan Drop. More of a squash than anything else. This match will more be remembered for Booker’s immortal line about “Opposing opposition.” Corey points out, “Wouldn’t opposing opposition be friendship?” Yes, yes it would, Corey.

Winner: Nia Jax (*)

We are joined by THE DRIFTER! Err…wait. I guess he’s just going by “Elias” now. Elias talks about looking at the Eclipse, and how it has made everything crystal clear. Why would you stare at the Sun during a Total Eclipse?! The fans were actually behind Elias, but his concert abruptly ends when R-Truth interrupts!

Match #3 – Elias vs. R-Truth

Another quick match, lasting only 90 seconds. R-Truth got his offense in, but Elias eventually came back and won with the Drift Away. Surprisingly, Truth took most of the offense.

Winner: Elias (1/2*)

We are joined by Raw General Manager Kurt Angle! He has a big announcement to make, and that announcement is…John Cena is coming back to Raw! Cena makes his way out, and the fans take turns with “Kurt Angle Sucks!” and “John Cena Sucks!” over Cena’s music. Cena tells the fans that he came here specifically for one reason. He wanted to join Raw because he wanted to be face-to-face with a “certain WWE superstar”. (Curt Hawkins?! :-D)

Alas, he was referring to Roman Reigns, who comes out to a chorus of boo’s. When he approached the ring, you could hear the fans chant, “You both suck!” That’s not a good sign. Cena says that Roman Reigns was the guy he was talking about. Roman says that Cena runs his mouth on Twitter…so why doesn’t he run his mouth right now? After all, he’s standing in Roman’s yard. The fans, who are so enamored by this, start chanting for The Undertaker. Okay, that’s pretty funny. Cena says he’s not here to talk, and then he rips his shirt off.

This is interrupted by The Miztourage! Miz cuts a babyface promo to the Brooklyn crowd, telling them that week after week, he sees Roman and Cena get the spotlight. Miz talks about working hard and waiting for your moment. After tonight, he’s sick of seeing guys like Cena get preferential treatment while The Miz was not even on the Summerslam card. Ouch, he’s got a point. Miz asks the fans if Raw needs John Cena, which got a resounding “NO!” Cena plays around and acts like he’s going to leave, but Miz cuts him off and tells him that you’re not going to make a joke out of me again. Miz starts to turn on the crowd, telling them that they have no idea what they want. Miz knows what he wants…he wants respect! He wants HIS moment. Cena challenges him to a match right now, but Miz cuts him off and says he’s not ready to fight because he’s dressed in a three-piece suit. Nice.

Samoa Joe then comes out to interrupt the proceedings! Joe informs Miz that he will be his tag team partner against Reigns and Cena, because he’s sick of Reigns calling this ring his yard. Joe starts to say something to Cena, but then he just CLOCKS him with a right hand. The fight is on! The Miztourage fought with Reigns, as Joe and John Cena continue their brawl. Joe catches Cena in the Clutch, but Reigns comes in to break it up with a Superman Punch! They finally separate, with Reigns and Cena getting the best of it. The fans continue to chant, “You both suck!” Wow. Gotta love New York.

Match #4 – Cedric Alexander, Gran Metalik, Rich Swann and Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari

The action is so fast and furious that I can’t call it all. I wished the NY crowd felt the same way. Sadly, they crapped all over this match. They start the wave at the midway mark, followed by a “This match sucks!” chant. Well, they’re honest, if nothing else. Gran Metallik hits a SWEET Moonsault Plancha onto Gulak and Daivari. The finish came when Alexander hit Tony Nese with the Springboard Enziguiri, followed by the Lumbar Check for the one, two, three!

Winners: Cedric Alexander, Gran Metalik, Rich Swann and Mustafa Ali (**)

Backstage, Charley is with Neville, the new Cruiserweight Champion. Neville runs down the Titus Brand, when Akira Tozawa interrupts! Akira challenges Neville to a rematch on 205 Live tomorrow night. It’s on! Meanwhile, Jason Jordan pleads with his father to give him a match with Miz tonight. Angle says that Miz is already booked, so Jordan brings up the name “Finn Balor”. Angle asked, “Are you sure you’re ready for that kind of competition?” Jordan says yes, so Angle books the match.

Ambrose and Rollins make their way down to the ring! They’re carrying the Raw tag straps with them. Great reaction from the crowd. Ambrose, sounding like a total geek, bragged about sleeping with the title in his bed and wearing the belt while walking around NYC. Renee, are you okay with the belt getting this much attention? Seth says that he’s surprised by Dean’s admission, but he also admits that tonight is all about the celebration! Ambrose teases an appearance by Cesaro and Sheamus, but instead we get Matt and Jeff Hardy! They are in total “Broken” mode. Jeff congratulated the champs, while Matt disclosed that he and Jeff have fought before in the past (just like Dean and Seth), but as a tag team…”it’s a beautiful thing.” Matt challenged the champs to a non-title match. Seth puts the Hardy Boyz over HUGE, saying that he idolized them growing up. He says they’ve been revolutionizing the business for 25 years, and tonight…they’re looking to do it again. “Well, let’s do the damn thing!” Seth proclaims.

Match #5 – Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs. The Hardy Boyz

Both teams are getting big cheers from the Brooklyn faithful. Highlights from the match include Jeff hitting a sweet Poetry in Motion to Rollins and Ambrose from the ring to the floor! Wicked. Right after this, Jeff went to splash Dean from the top rope, but Rollins pushed him out of harm’s way. At the ten-minute mark, the match really picked up steam. The crowd was getting into it! The finish came when Rollins hit the top rope knee to the face of Jeff Hardy, followed by Dean Ambrose’s Dirty Deeds! Rollins makes the cover for the one, two, three! A fantastic match. If you have Hulu, seek this one out.

Winners: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (***1/2)

The Miztourage and Samoa Joe are backstage together. Miz was trying to come up with a plan, but Joe cuts him off and tells him to shut up. Joe gave the following orders: Dallas and Axel need to be a constant presence outside the ring, while Miz stays on the apron to talk trash. Joe will take care of the rest. Well, that seems easy enough. After this, Cole makes it official: Brock Lesnar will defend the Universal Championship against Braun Strowman at No Mercy.

Haven’t had enough promos yet, tonight? Well, you’re in luck. We get another ten-minute promo, this time with Sasha Banks coming out to celebrate her championship victory. Banks says that, although she’s from Boston, she has left her heart in Brooklyn every year for the last three years. She recaps her match with Bayley from Takeover, as well as her awesome SummerSlam match with Charlotte last year. After giving love to Ric Flair, she tells the fans that Raw does not need a Goddess. This got a mixed reaction, which surprised me. This brings out Alexa Bliss! She points out that Sasha can win championships, but she can’t hold onto them. Sasha then points out that Little Miss Bliss tapped out last night, and that she is aware of the rematch clause. Sasha challenges Alexa to use it right now, but Bliss tells the crowd that they don’t deserve that match. Alexa did, however, say that she’ll use the rematch clause next week on Raw. Alexa says that after she wins the title back, Sasha Banks will not be known as a “Legit Boss”…rather, a “Legit Loser”. As opposed to an illegitimate loser?

Match #6- Jason Jordan vs. Finn Balor

Ah, the beach ball match. I don’t mind that there was a beach ball getting knocked around in the crowd…I do mind that Kevin Dunn decided to shoot it. Completely took away from the match, and it doesn’t give respect to the guys in the ring. I hope that doesn’t happen again. Jordan tried to hit the Hoist Neckbreaker, but Balor turned it into a crossbody for the one, two, no! After this, Balor hits his combination of the Sling Blade, the running dropkick in the corner, and the Coup de Grace for the one, two, three! I guess this is what an illegitimate loser looks like. Just kidding! 😀

Winner: Finn Balor (*3/4)

Main Event: John Cena & Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe & The Miz

This match had BOTH the wave and a beach ball appearance. The crowd must’ve been restless or something. Anyways, the finish came when Joe snuck up on John Cena to put him in the Coquina Clutch. Reigns came in for a Superman punch on Joe, but Joe put Cena in their path. After Cena was knocked out, Roman and Joe continued their brawl to the outside. Ever the opportunist, Miz comes in to pick the bones. He gets into position for the Skull-Crushing Finale, but this is reversed by Cena into the Attitude Adjustment! One, two, three!

Winners: John Cena & Roman Reigns (**1/4)

After the match, Cena shoots Roman a glare over the Superman punch mishap. Roman smiles and tells Cena, “My bad.” Sowing the seeds…I think these guys are either going to do business in the Fall, or they’re going to save it for WrestleMania. For now, they celebrate as we go to credits!

Final Thoughts: This did have the feel of a post-WrestleMania show, so I’ll give them credit for that. I will also give them credit for having the main event of next month’s PPV already figured out. We’ll have to see what happens in the weeks to come! I’m already looking forward to No Mercy. See you next week!

Smackdown! Live TV report for 05/02/2017

Introduction: Video Promo

Jinder Mahal is being photographed with the WWE Championship – even though he hasn’t won it yet – until Commissioner Shane McMahon stands behind him. He tells Jinder that “titles are earned” and takes back the championship. He also informs Mahal that he will be wrestling Sami Zayn tonight!

The regular Smackdown! Live opener then plays.

Arena Promo

Commissioner Shane McMahon enters the arena in Fresno, California. After giving props to the fans, he welcomes Chris Jericho, who won the United States Championship from Kevin Owens at Payback, to the roster. Jericho is happy to be on Smackdown! and McMahon tells him he will be wrestling Kevin Owens in a rematch for the title tonight.

A.J. Styles interrupts and reminds Chris of their history. He also reminds Chris that Smackdown! is “the house that A.J. Styles built.” Jericho retorts, wanting to put Styles on “The List” for interjecting, but Kevin Owens now does. He is not pleased with all in the ring and vows to regain the United States Championship later tonight.

Owens orders A.J. to vacate, so he does and charges right for Kevin! They brawl in the aisle until referees and McMahon separate.

Later tonight, Women’s Champion Naomi and Charlotte team-up to face Natalya and Carmela.


Match #1: Single – Sami Zayn VS. Jinder Mahal (with The Singh Brothers [Harv and Girv])

During entrances, a recap of last week’s Talking Smack with Sami Zayn and Baron Corbin airs. They lockup and trade holds. Sami rolls and twists his way out of a wristlock, but Mahal puts him to the canvas. Jinder whips Zayn to the ropes but Sami counters with a headscissors, and then dumps him to the floor soon after.


Mahal is now in control, hammering away on Sami with an elbow and then wearing him down with a grounding rear chinlock. He catches Zayn off of the ropes in a tilt-a-whirl slam for a near-fall! Jinder springboards a few kneedrops on Sami’s head and then presses his knee against Zayn’s face.

He hits Sami a couple of times with elbows and then a short-arm clothesline! He goes for a superplex out of the corner, but Sami headbutts to counter. He leaps off of the turnbuckle but Mahal stops the dive! Soon after, Zayn regains momentum again and almost takes this with a crossbody from the middle turnbuckle!

One of the Singh Brothers hops the apron and Mahal small-packages Sami for two; Zayn reveres into one himself for two! Sami springboard-armdrags Jinder and then goes for his Helluva Kick, but the same Singh Brother pulls Mahal out of the away. The other Brother yanks Sami’s leg, and Jinder capitalizes with a Cobra-Clutch Full-Nelson Slam! Mahal covers to receive the victory!

Winner via Pinfall: Jinder Mahal (with The Singh Brothers [Harv and Girv])

Backstage Promo

Becky Lynch is walking the halls and meets Tamina, James Ellsworth, Carmela, and Natalya. Natalya tries to convince Becky to join them, so they don’t get taken over by Charlotte and Women’s Champion Naomi. Lynch says she’ll “think about it.”


Video Promo

Shinsuke Nakamura’s career highlights – thus far – are shown.

Backstage Promo

Dolph Ziggler is talking to a couple of unknown wrestlers about Shinsuke. He also criticizes Commissioner McMahon and General Manager Bryan for making Nakamura star. McMahon is behind and Ziggler threatens that Sin Cara, who he is facing later, will be in harm.

Match #2: Single – Aiden English VS. Tye Dillinger

Aiden is aggressive early, pounding away on Tye. “The Perfect 10” his back with a running forearm and stomps away soon after in the corner. He quickly completes this with his finisher, a T.K.O. knee-to-the-face!

Winner via Pinfall: Tye Dillinger


Backstage Promo

Rene Young interviews United States Champion Chris Jericho until Aiden English walks by. He appears to be crying, which Jericho calls him out for and puts him on “The List,” as well as Rene!

Replays of Tamina, Natalya, and Carmela disrupting the Women’s Championship Match from last week’s Smackdown! are shown.

Backstage Promo

Dasha asks Charlotte about the Women’s Championship situation. Carmela walks up and then she, Tamina, and Natalya attack Charlotte, throwing her against equipment tubs!


Match #3: Tag-Team – Women’s Champion Naomi and Charlotte VS. Natalya and Carmela (with James Ellsworth and Tamina)

Unfortunately, Charlotte does not show-up, so it is just Naomi. She actually has the upperhand a few times but Natalya and Carmela soon take over and dominate for a while. Naomi and Natalya run at each other with a double-crossbody, and then Charlotte’s music plays! She slowly walks to the ring and climbs on the apron. Naomi makes the hot-tag and Charlotte cleans house on Carmela and Natalya until Nattie hits her with a discus clothesline on the apron.


Carmela now has Charlotte tied in a leg-scissors but Charlotte slams out of it; Carmela slams back and then rapidly stomps on Charlotte! The Women’s Champion gets tagged in and has the momentum; she hits the Rear-View Smash on Carmela, but Natalya distracts the ref! Carmela takes advantage with a roll-up for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winners via Pinfall: Carmela and Natalya (with Tamina and James Ellsworth)

Post-match, Tamina, Carmela, and Natalya beat up Naomi and Charlotte until Becky Lynch makes her way out. She shakes Tamina and Carmela’s hand, looking like she’s joining them. She motions for a hug but then throws him into Tamina! She goes after Carmela and Natalya, but they are too strong and attack back and then escape to the aisle.


Video Promo

The New Day “are coming soon.”

Match #4: Single – Sin Cara VS. Dolph Ziggler

This one, surprisingly, goes back-and-forth for a bit until Dolph hits a superkick to complete!

Winner via Pinfall: Dolph Ziggler


Video Promo

Tyler Breeze and Fandango present “The Fashion Files.” This takes place in a “Police Office,” with pictures and headlines of recent on-goings in WWE posted on a billboard wall like a crime-scene trace. They rip on a few teams, in particular Tag-Team Champions The Usos, who they will face at Backlash on May 21.

United States Champion Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens make their entrances for their bout, next!


Match #5: Single for the United States Championship – Chris Jericho (Champion) VS. Kevin Owens (Challenger)

(Stipulation: A.J. Styles is outlawed from ringside)

The two punch away right off the bat and brawl for a little. Owens soon gains control, dropping himself onto Jericho with a senton-splash! He chops in the corner and then whips Jericho into the opposite one, but Chris elbows back and launches off of the middle turnbuckle with a missile dropkick!

Jericho throws Kevin into a turnbuckle, but misses the follow-up splash and tumbles to the outside. Owens follows with a Cannonball Splash against the corner barrier!


The U.S. Champ counters a couple and tries his Springboard Moonsault, but Kevin lifts his knee. Owens goes for a Cannonball but misses and Jericho hits the Lionsault for two! He traps Kevin in the Walls of Jericho but Owens crawls and gets the bottom rope for a break! Kevin hits a superkick for a close-one, and then goes for the Pop-Up Powerbomb! Jericho reverses with a hurricanrana and struggles, but manages to clamp Owens in the Walls again! Kevin edges again and slides under to the floor.

Chris goes for a baseball slide, but Owens moves and dumps him on the concrete of the aisle. He puts Jericho back in the ring and then hits another superkick for a very close-fall! “Y2J” small-packages Kevin for two, but Owens suddenly whips him into the ropes and plants him on the canvas with his Pop-Up Powerbomb! He covers for the victory!

Winner and NEW United States Champion: Kevin Owens

Post-match, Kevin is in the aisle while medical personnel run out to check on Jericho. Owens slides back in and gives Chris another Pop-Up Powerbomb. He yells “you were never my best friends,” and then takes his U.S. Championship. Referees order him out of the ring, and Jericho is helped out of the ring. Owens runs back out, hitting Chris again. He places a chair around Jericho’s head and smashes him into the ring post. Jericho is bloody in the mouth as Kevin walks away to close the show.

End of Smackdown! Live,

Monday Night Raw TV report for 05/01/2017

Hey Everybody! It’s @TheMagnumDA with you for tonight’s Raw Report. I hope you enjoyed Payback! I thought it was pretty hit-or-miss, with the “House of Horrors” being a real mess of a match. To give our fans an idea of how poorly planned this match was…the match was to start in the “House of Horrors”, and then it would end in the ring at the arena. So they filmed the “House of Horrors” segment at night, but the match itself finished at 7:00 PM in San Jose. Where it was still partly sunny out. Good show, lads.

We are LIVE from Sacramento, California.

We start with the WWE Women’s Division (from Raw) in the ring. Alexa Bliss, the NEW WWE Women’s Champion, makes her way down the ring. As many of you are aware, Alexa defeated Bayley last night to win the gold. Alexa brags about her accomplishments, and runs down practically everyone on the Raw Women’s Roster. She says there is no longer a Queen…there is now a Goddess, and she is named Alexa Bliss. Funny moment: Alexa backs into Nia Jax and says “We’re good!” Finally, Alexa gets to Bayley, and reminds her of last night’s title change. Alexa brings up Bayley’s nephews, and says she vividly remembers their crying faces after the match. Bliss tells Bayley that it’s alright, because now those kids finally have someone worth looking up to. Bayley loses her STACK and charges after Bliss. The entire place turns into chaos, as all of the women are fighting in the ring! That was quite the segment.

Match #1 – Bayley, Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and Dana Brooke vs. Nia Jax, Emma, Alicia Fox, and the WWE Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss

Bayley and Alexa to start. Alexa ducks out of the way and tags in Emma. Emma looks extra orange tonight. She gets a go-behind on Bayley and beats her down with forearms. Bayley fights back and gets an armbar on Emma. Mickie gets tagged in and takes Emma down with her own armbar. Emma pulls her down by the hair, but Mickie kips up twice and kicks her in the gut. Dana gets tagged in, but Emma dodges out and tags in Alicia Fox. Fox gets tossed into the corner and Dana hits a handspring elbow. Sasha gets tagged in and she works on Alicia’s arm now! Bayley tags in and does the same after a double-team nearfall. Alicia is put in the babyface corner, and Mickie gets tagged in for the corner splash. She hits a sweet diving kick on Fox for the ONE, TWO, no. Sasha tags back in and rolls up Fox for two. Sasha gets the pullback sleeperhold and WRENCHES IT. Fox somehow fights up and catches Sasha in the gut. Banks returns with a hiptoss and knees to the face for two. Booker T calls the Women’s Division “Stiff”. Okay, then. Fox elbows Sasha with an elbow, and dumps her out of the ring. All 8 women use NAME CALLING on the outside as we go to break. Sorry, just entertaining myself at this point. But seriously…name calling into a break?

After the break, Fox has Sasha in…you guessed it! A CHINLOCK. Sasha starts to fight back, but Alicia hits a CRISP Northern Lights Suplex. Alicia starts to put her in a sleeper, but she immediately stops, tags in Nia, and puts Sasha in an armbar. Somebody missed their cue! 😉 Jax comes in and throws Sasha Banks around. She hits a set of elbows for a nearfall. Nia locks in a sleeperhold, and Sasha tries to fight out. Banks is taken back down, but she eventually tries again to kick out. She gets DROPPED in the opponents corner as Alexa gets the tag. Alexa stomps on Sasha’s back and tries to get a three-count. Sasha fights up and makes the hot tag to Bayley. Bayley is a house of fire, hitting her signature moves, followed by the ten-count head smash in the corner post to Alexa. Bayley hits the charge in the corner, followed by the Belly-to-Bayley. This is countered by Alexa, as Nia comes in and saves the day. The match turns into a war on the outside and inside, with all eight women brawling everywhere. FOX AND BANKS ARE KICKING THE CRAP OUT OF EACH OTHER OUTSIDE! Back inside, Alexa catches Bayley with an eyerake and a DDT! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winners: Nia Jax, Emma, Alicia Fox, and the WWE Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss (**1/2)

The announcers recap last night’s PPV bouts, including victories for Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins at Payback.

Match #2 – Enzo Amore vs. Luke Gallows

Enzo and Cass come out to do their bit, but Gallows and Anderson come out to start some trouble before the bell. After the break, the match is underway. Gallows hits a HUGE boot to start. Enzo gets stomped down and pounded in the corner by Gallows. Luke wrenches the arm and takes Enzo down. Enzo fights out, but his dropkick is swiped away, and Gallows follows with a clothesline and an armbar into a gutwrench. This is turned into a one-armed body slam. Luke continues to wrench the arm, to the point that the ref asks Enzo if he wants to continue. Luke grabs the arm and pulls against the rope. Enzo is hurting here. HUGE boot in the corner by Gallows. Enzo tries to fight out of the corner, but Gallows nails the arm once more, taking down Amore. Gallows goes back to the arm, as the crowd tries to get into this match. Enzo gets up on his feet, but gets pulled back down by the hair. Enzo finally fights up and fights out of the corner, planting Gallows with a miracle jumping DDT from the middle rope! He hits Gallows with fists and a kick to the knee, taking him down. Enzo does a dance, but Gallow drills him with another boot. Somehow, Enzo rolls up Luke for the ONE, TWO, NO! Enzo goes up but gets distracted by Karl Anderson, leading to Gallows catching Enzo on his shoulders and finishing him with a modified fireman’s slam for the ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winner: Luke Gallows (*)

Backstage, TJ Perkins says that Neville may have escaped with the title last night. Neville tells him that this is about the title, and TJ wants a shot…he’s got to beat Austin Aries tonight. It feels like Neville is holding something over TJ’s head…maybe it’s just the title! Maybe more.

Seth Rollins is out for a promo. Great reaction from the crowd! He talks about last night’s victory at Payback over Samoa Joe. He says that everything has come full circle in the last month, and now he’s ready for more. He wants BROCK LESNAR! Before we go any further, we get FINN BALOR. He comes out and says that when it comes to challenging The Beast, the line starts here! This brings out the IC Champion Dean Ambrose, who says he’s itching for action. The Miz and Maryse are here! Miz is in full Wall Street mode with that greasy, slicked back hair. Miz starts talking smack, so the guys all yell “SHUT UP!” Dean Ambrose polls the fans, and then calls Kurt Angle on his cell phone. Silly touch. A Triple Threat match is announced for the #1 Contender to the Intercontinental Championship, featuring The Miz, Seth Rollins, and Finn Balor.

We get a recap of last night’s main event from Payback, where Braun Strowman destroyed Roman Reigns.

Match #3 – Tony Nese, The Brian Kendrick, and Noam Dar vs. Rich Swann, Akira Tozawa, and Gentleman Jack Gallagher

MORE PURPLE TAPE, PLEASE! In addition to William III, we have a William IV and William V sighting (!!!) Akira and Kendrick trade forearms to start, and Akira takes advantage. Akira rolls out and kicks Kendrick right in the face. Nese tags in and smashes Akira with an elbow. Nese whips Akira in the corner, and launches him with a hip toss. Nese puts Akira in the Torture Rack, but Tozawa rakes the eyes and tags to Swann. Dar tags in and it’s all about that FOXY LOVE. Gallagher tags during a sequence, and they start brawling all over the place. Nese is tossed out onto his teammates as the good guys celebrate in the ring!

After the break, Kendrick has Tozawa in a front face lock. Kendrick with a snap suplex for the two count. Nese is tagged in, and he picks up where Brian left off. Nese kicks Akira while he is down and taunts. Tony hits some more forearms, followed by a one-armed flexing suplex belly-first onto the TOP ROPE! That was VICIOUS. Dar tags in and snaps Tozawa’s arm in four places. Well, it looked like it. Akira fights up but gets dropped again by Dar. Nese tags back in. This is quite a showcase for Tony Nese. Another Torture Rack to Tozawa. Akira tries to fight for a tag, but he gets dropped by Nese. Nese taunts again and gets suplexed by Tozawa. Dar tags in and here’s a hot tag to Rich Swann! Lariats for all three men, followed by a kick and a rolling Harlem Sidekick, followed by a splash for ONE, TWO, NO! Kendrick tries Sliced Bread #2, but Gallagher tags in! Headbutt for two! Nese comes in and he gets a headbutt! Kendrick from behind with the Captain’s Hook! SHINING WIZARD by Tozawa! Dives to the outside! Back in, GENTLEMAN’S DROPKICK by Gallagher to Kendrick! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winners: Rich Swann, Akira Tozawa, and Gentleman Jack Gallagher (***1/4)

The announcers recap more matches from Payback, including the WWE Tag Team Championship Match. The Hardy Brothers retained against Cesaro and Sheamus. Two things became apparent: First, the Europeans turned heel. Second, I am really starting to dislike Sheamus for his utter in-ring carelessness. First, Daniel Bryan…and now Jeff Hardy last night. Not cool. Both times, the guys were prone, yet Sheamus had to hit as hard as he did. No excuses.

Sheamus and Cesaro come out for their promo. Michael Cole with a decent Travis Bickle impression! Sheamus says he’s been living in a “fog of delusion”. That might explain why he’s such a sloppy worker. He explained that Cesaro tried to talk him into a positive mindset, but that was thrown out the window when the Hardy Boyz showed up. Cesaro cuts an impassioned promo as a heel! Not bad! Sheamus rubs it in with the “whole tooth”, and they have a new catchphrase: “WE DON’T SET THE BAHHR, WE AHHR DA BAHHR!!” Whatever. Matt and Jeff Hardy show up, and we get a little bit of the Broken Matt Hardy, complete with illuminating words! They even get to “DELETE!” before running down the aisle to fight. The Europeans retreat and pose on the stage.

Miz is backstage with Charly. Dean shows up, takes Charly’s microphone, and interviews Miz. Miz is mortified, and walks off. Dean throws it back to Gene and Bobby. I love it.

Match #4 – Heath Slater vs. Apollo Crews

Good reaction for Apollo and Titus! Crews powers Slater down, but Slater reverses into a front face lock. Apollo powers out of this and puts Heath in a headlock. Good sequence where Apollo and Heath trade headlocks and legscissors. Crews shoulder tackles Slater, but Heath catches him with an armdrag! Crews catches an arm drag and a dropkick for two! Slater with a roll up for the two! After they go outside, Slater catches him with a headlock, Crews with a huge kick and a kip up! Crews catches the enziguiri on Slater! Sit out ATOMIC BOMB by Crews! ONE, TWO, THREE! I like this Apollo/Titus tandem.

Winner: Apollo Crews (*)

We get yet ANOTHER recap of the match from Payback between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman. Kurt Angle arrives for an announcement regarding these two men! Braun Strowman apparently has a torn rotator cuff, which is actually a huge news story, if true. As Angle continues, he’s interrupted by the keeper of the HOUSE OF HORRORS! So quick editorial…is it just me, or is it finally time for Wyatt to have a character makeover? He’s really losing me with this goofy, southern-fried horror show. Reminds me of something on the Sci-Fi Network at 2 AM. Anyways. Wyatt stands in the ring with Angle, and offers a handshake. Wyatt declares himself to be a savior who will help Kurt Angle. Bray asks Kurt if he’s going to stand in his way while Wyatt does his bidding. Kurt simply says that this is his show. I think that’s a “No”, young Brayden. I think I’m starting to get it: Whereas The Undertaker was The Lord of Darkness, Bray Wyatt simply fancies himself as Satan…with Battlefield Earth dreadlocks. Ooh, maybe Wyatt is Xenu!

Seth Rollins is backstage when DEAN AMBROSE interviews him. Awkward, but funny exchange between the two. Their feelings are thinly veiled. “BACK TO YOU, GORILLA!”

Match #5 – Austin Aries vs. TJ Perkins

MORE PURPLE TAPE, PLEASE! Aries tosses TJP to start and POUNDS him in the corner. Aries with a huge set of elbows to the head. Aries with an EARCLAP, bringing TJP to his knees. They tussle on the apron, and Aries catches a missile dropkick for two! Last Chancery is blocked, but Aries elbows Perkins and knocks him down. Aries starts to go up the ropes, but TJ kicks out Aries’ leg from under him, causing a Tree of Woe effect! Aries might be seriously hurt. They go to break with Aries down and the ref checking on him.

After the break, TJ DABS for the crowd, and then wraps up Aries in the modified Rings of Saturn. They have an awesome exchange where TJ attacks the knee, as Perkins continues to kick Aries down in the corner. Aries’ knees are worked over some more, and during an irish whip Aries collapses in the middle of the ring. Somehow, Aries fights back into the match. Aries takes TJ to the corner, but he can’t get up. He tries to spear him, but TJ moves and Aries gets caught in a sick leglock from the top rope! TJ goes outside and grabs Aries’ legs, but Austin pulls the legs in and Perkins gets knocked into the post.

Aries fights up and hits the HEAT SEEKING MISSLE from the bottom rope! Aries with chops, an STO, Tick-Tock, and a snapmare leading to a back elbow to TJ for the ONE, TWO, NO! Aries loses his grip on a suplex, and TJ catches a kick combo. Aries fights up and hits a shin breaker into a sick flip suplex! TJ gets up and takes advantage, looking to finish Aries off! TJ goes for the Detonation Kick, but it’s rolled right into the Last Chancery with the bridge! TJP taps!!

Winner: Austin Aries (**3/4)

After the match, TJP locks in the signature kneebar. Aries is screaming in pain! The crowd is booing TJ out of the ring. Backstage, Dean Ambrose is interviewing Finn Balor. They enjoy a donut together and talk about their future plans. THE DRIFTER shows up. Dean is hilarious here. “Do you know any Pearl Jam?” Then we go to Goldust and R-Truth, who get themselves booked into a Tag Team Turmoil match next week. The winners become #1 Contender’s to the Tag Team Championship.

Main Event – Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins vs. The Miz

Miz rolls out of the ring as Balor and Seth start. Balor and Rollins are trying to have a match, but Miz keeps sticking his nose in, and this distracts the two. Finally, they’ve had enough. They chase down Miz and he tries to negotiate with both men. They both attack him and Balor throws him out of the ring. Meanwhile, Rollins tries to catch a quick one on Balor! Miz gets drop kicked by Seth, but Balor gets a dropkick of his own after a reversal!. Balor goes to the apron, where Miz pulls him off and sends him crashing. Rollins hits a SICK FLIP over Maryse onto Miz! Back inside, they all trade offensive moves on each other in rapid fashion, leading to Seth Rollins getting thrown off the top rope by Miz onto the barricade!

After the break, Miz has Balor in a headlock, and then drives a knee to the ribs after an Irish Whip. Balor gets the knees up after a charge, and then hits a dropkick. Rollins almost lands on his head with a NASTY SPRINGBOARD DIVE that goes awry! Lands right on Balor’s shoulder! Miz and Rollins seem to improvise while Balor rolls outside. Balor gets up on the apron, and Miz rams Rollins right into Finn! Miz takes advantage with the Daniel Bryan kicks to the chest! Dropkick into a DDT combination to Rollins and Miz! “THIS IS AWESOME” chant! Balor with running chops to each corner, and a kick sends Miz to the outside! Balor with a PREMIER LEAGUE KICK to Miz’s face! Finn runs Seth into the barricade and sends him back in. 1916! ONE, TWO, NO! Balor and Miz have an exchange where Finn sends Miz to the outside, but Miz interrupts Finn while trying to finish Seth Rollins.

Miz and Seth with a HOT series of moves, including a kick to the injured knee on Rollins, leading to a Miz DDT. Figure 4 try by Miz, but Rollins counters. Miz tries again after grapevining the leg with his own shoulder, and gets it. Balor interrupts Miz for the ONE, TWO, NO! This is followed by a wonderful kick sequence and a Thrust Kick by Rollins to Balor! ONE, TWO, NO! Miz gets planted into the corner by Rollins, and then Seth connects with a DOUBLE BLOCKBUSTER and a FROGSPLASH to Balor! ONE, TWO, NO! Rollins and Miz with an UNBELIEVABLE sequence, where Rollins catches Miz in the corner and leaps for the Superplex into the Falcon Arrow! Suicide Dives to both Balor and Miz, but SAMOA JOE comes in and hits the Uranage on Rollins! Back inside, SLING BLADE and the dropkick to the corner by Balor to Miz! THE LIGHTS ARE OUT, IT’S BRAY WYATT! SISTER ABIGAIL TO BALOR! Miz crawls to Balor’s body and drapes an arm over him! ONE, TWO, THREE! That was the best match of Miz’s career, no doubt. He’s got two incredible dance partners to thank for that one.

Winner: The Miz (****1/2)

Final Thoughts: Well, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that was an absolute blowaway Main Event. I’m seriously impressed that Miz could keep up with those young stallions, and this match opened the doors to your three key matches at the next PPV. I thought this was a fantastic Raw coming off of a lackluster Payback. Awesome stuff.