Chelsea Green undergoes surgery for broken wrist

Chelsea Green, who yesterday broke her wrist during her unfortunate Smackdown debut, underwent surgery today, just hours after the injury took place live on the show.

Green announced the surgery early in the morning in a post on social media, saying that while she’s beyond devastated for what happened, she’s also excited to be part of the Smackdown team when she comes back.

“Just like the rest of my career, I couldn’t have an easy debut! LOL, that just wouldn’t be fit for my wild journey,” Green wrote.

Typical recoveries for a broken wrist go from six weeks to up to four months, depending on how severe the break was.

Her boyfriend, the artist formerly known as Zack Ryder, uploaded a photo standing by her side at a medical facility. Green was still in her wrestling gear as she was getting her vitals checked. Ryder, who now goes by his real name of Matt Cardona, wrote that it was a bittersweet night as he’s seen Chelsea getting shot down multiple times by WWE throughout the years and now that she finally got her debut, she broke her wrist…again.

Green also broke her wrist in her first televised NXT match in March 2019 and required surgery. She eventually returned three months later.

Types of sports betting in online casinos

Sports and betting are two sectors that have coexisted for centuries. Sports betting involves the process of placing a bet on the outcome of a particular game. However, this definition is very shallow as many things go on when it comes to sports betting.

Betting in the early days was all about predicting who will win a certain game. Times have changed, and people can now place bets on different outcomes such as scores, who will score, who will be booked, and players that will appear, among other things. The following are some of the different types of sports betting that you can find in a casino today:

Fixed-odds betting

It is the most common type of betting that you will get in gambling houses. A good example is when you predict that team A will win against team B. The two different teams may have different odds based on several factors. Your favorite team can have an odd of 2.5, and you place a bet of $100. Your possible win will be (2.5*$200). You can as well predict that the two teams will draw.

The betting site will analyze the past encounters between the two teams, their current form, and the starting lineups, among other factors, to determine the odds. The team with the highest chances of winning always have smaller odds than the ‘weaker’ team. The teams’ odds might change during the game, but that will not affect your bet in any way. Some of these sites may even allow you to cash out your money as the game proceeds.

E-sports betting

Engaging in e-sports and rewatching games such as college basketball games has been the day’s order during the Covid-19 pandemic. Electronic sports is professional video gaming that has been in existence for some time now. People have been organizing and engaging in video game competitions since the 1970s. The introduction of the internet was a big boost to the gamers community as they started exploring new avenues, such as playing against remote opponents.

E-sport tournaments are now very common and attract players, sponsors, and gamblers alike. Some of the e-sport games you find on online gambling sites have been designed with professional gaming in mind. There are organizations such as International E-sports Federation, the Electronic Sports League and World eSports Association that manage e-sports. Some of the games allow spectators to follow the proceedings. It is also common to find some of these e-sport games held in front of a live audience to boost the credibility of the activities.

Live / In-play betting

This betting type allows you to place a bet when the event has already started. For instance, you can place a bet on a football match after ten minutes. The odds of the teams will depend on the mood of the game. Your bet choice will depend on how the two teams are performing on the field. You can bet on different things such as the overall winner, number of goals, or even whether there will be other changes in the course of the match. You must be quick to place your bets because the odds change a lot on a live game.

Live betting becomes fixed odds betting the moment you stake. In-play betting opens up many betting options that are unavailable in traditional betting platforms. However, in-play betting can feature confusing terms due to the many options available. For instance, if you find a game where team B is leading team A by two goals to nil, then you must understand what it means when you get an option to bet on who will ‘win the rest of the match.’ You can also bet on ‘who will score the next goal’ or ‘which team will score the 3rd goal.’

Pari-mutuel betting

This type of betting does not involve odds like the rest. There will be different players who will place wagers that will end up in a pool. For instance, we can have two teams, A and B, playing. All those who support team A will stake their bets in a pool while the opponents also do the same. Pool A can have $1000, which will be split amongst all those who have staked based on their contributions if team A wins the match.

Understanding the different types of sports betting makes it easy to land on the right wager on casino gry. You can then analyze what suits your needs best and increase your chances of having accurate predictions. Learning NBA props to bet on when the season resumes can be your starting point.

Top WWE and AEW Superstars of the past year

WWE and AEW are easily the most popular wrestling promotions on earth with millions of followers. Unless you watch them regularly, it is difficult to keep up with what is happening. There are over 200 events throughout the year, so catching up on the action before jumping on a GClub wager relies on knowing who is who in the wrestling universe.

We have picked out the top WWE and AEW superstars of the past year to help you get back in the game.

Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston is probably the most successful wrestler of 2019. He was able to beat Daniel Brian in the WrestleMania 35 title match and became a true champion. He also went on to sustain the title for six months, a wrestling eternity.

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho helped revive his career in AEW. The fact that Jericho is 49 years old and is still able to perform amazes his fans and critics alike. Jericho’s recent performance showed that he is still in top shape and can match the most athletic of young wrestlers head to head.

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is another star who experienced the best year of his career last year. Cody helped introduce wrestling fans to a WWE alternative: tough competition and fast-paced action. Coming back to 2019, Rhodes delivered some of the most iconic performances that fans will remember for years. Rhodes’ match against his brother was exceptionally memorable for some of his greatest fans, too.

Adam Cole

Adam Cole demonstrated his athleticism and skill when he came to NXT straight from Ring of Honor.

What differentiates Cole is his uncanny ability to adapt his game and step up each time he enters the ring. When facing Daniel Bryan on Smackdown, he showcased his talents to the world in style, proving that he can match up to any of the superstars on the circuit.

Most Cole fans will tell you that he is the main reason NXT is as popular as it is today. His personality and style of wrestling put WWE NXT on the map.

Nick Gage

Nick Gage proved himself as wrestling’s fiercest performer in 2019, elevating his career along with GCW’s status and reputation despite not being part of WWE or AEW. He brings out an intimidating side of himself every time he steps into the ring and makes sure never to disappoint the fans who enjoy his aggressive approach. Gage’s ability to turn on beast mode in the ring has led to some extremely entertaining matches in the past season, and it puts him firmly on our list of WWE superstars.

Seth Rollins

The last pick is a household name, and Rollins proved himself to the world when he beat Brock Lesnar in WrestleMania 35 for the WWE Universal title. Even though his performance to attain the title was iconic, most fans found his run as the titleholder mediocre at best. Winning the Universal title was enough for Rollins to make our list, especially considering his renown as a key player on WWE.

What’s Next for WWE and AEW?

WWE and AEW have hundreds of superstars under its umbrella, which can make it difficult for fans to keep up with the latest twists. It is wonderful to see the new season will be kicking off soon when most enthusiasts only got their wrestling fix playing online platforms, like GClub. This year’s WWE and AEW action is sure to be even better.

Wrestling with the facts: the truth about WWE betting

It does seem like something of a paradox when sports betting and the WWE are mentioned together but stranger things have happened. Don’t worry, we have done our research and we do know that the WWE is scripted, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t make some coin on it. You just need to crack the code.

Since its beginnings in the fifties, wrestling as an entertainment spectacle has garnered plenty of fans. Many may still believe that there is no script but we aren’t here to judge. We are here to break down the sport into what it can do for you as a betting enthusiast: make you some money whilst enjoying the show.

Can you Really Bet on Something That’s Scripted?

You betcha! The reality is that the gambling powerhouses of the world are happy for you to bet on anything, as long as the odds are with them. They just need to ensure it’s profitable as they’re running a business. When it comes to WWE, bookies take bets on the result because essentially, it’s as much up in the air as any other game of chance. That’s because the people who control the strings in WWE are the writers and for them to make a success of what they do, their stories are kept closely guarded at all times.

It’s the same basis as any entertainment. No one wants to know the ending as the surprise is the key to our curiosity. Take that away and you take our need to know away with it, in this case our need to know the outcome of the fight. With the surprise spoilt, the income of the writer goes with it.

What Are We Betting on?

Essentially, like all sports betting, you are betting on the result. The fact that the result is predetermined means little to the bookies as the winner is kept a secret at all costs. The writers don’t want you to know who the winner will be as that will stop you watching. And that’s where it gets interesting because you are not placing a bet on the fight’s result but on the direction of the writer’s story.

And like any good soap opera, the story lines of the WWE are anything but boring. The writers are there to keep things exciting and the writers are good! It’s these exotic story ideas that can have the WWE fetching some pretty tasty odds.

How Can We Make Coin?

I’m glad you asked. The writers are there to keep things interesting and being good at their jobs, they know how to do just that. If the champion was to win every time, that would get boring. If the hero never falls, that will get boring. The key to winning is to get inside the writer’s head and work out which series of events is most likely to garner more interest and therefore more ratings. That’s what the writers will do.

Fight your natural instincts and forget about the skills and history of the actual athlete. You’re not betting on them, you’re betting on the writer. And like all good stories, you need a beginning, middle and end. Building up an athlete’s reputation at the beginning of the season lends to his interest from the fans. Add in some heroics to set the scene for an almighty finale then boom, here comes the twist. You know that upset is coming, you just need to work out from which corner it will come.

Common Bets in the WWE

So now you know the ways of the samurai, let your instincts guide you. Anything from first out of the ring, longest contender and appearance bets are all becoming more common for bookies. Obviously, the winner of the fight is always available but better odds will be displayed for the more adventurous.

As far as betting goes, WWE may not be that quick fire, money spinner that we all dream of but it sure goes a long way to entertaining us. And nothing is more exciting than a small wager to spice things up.


A good SummerSlam for the betting favourites

It wasn’t a clean sweep on Sunday night but it was certainly a good night for the betting favourites at SummerSlam. Most came out on top, with the matches as a whole going as the betting suggested they would with the odd exception.

One of the main events of the night was one that didn’t go the way of the favourite, this was the upset that saw Drew McIntyre defeat Randy Orton for the WWE title.

Which Betting Favourites Came Out on Top?

For anyone betting on favourites to win at SummerSlam, the chances are they had a good night.

The Fiend took home the Universal Championship with him and he was a strong favourite to defeat Braun Strowman.

Asuka was a really interesting fighter on the night because she was fighting in two bouts in a bid to win both Raw and Smackdown women’s titles. The betting had her as the underdog to win the Smackdown title and favourite to win the Raw title. That is exactly how things went, she took home the one title she was fancied to win.

Apollo Crews defeated MVP to retain the United States title and this was another fight that went the way of the favourite. Rounding off the winning favourites, Seth Rollin got the better of Dominik Mysterio and Mandy Rose won her ‘loser leaves the WWE’ match against Sonya Deville.

As you can see, it was a very good night for those betting on the favourites. The big events such as SummerSlam are all available for punters to bet on, with odds usually available with bookmakers a few days in advance of the event. You can view sports betting at betfromindia to see the next big events from around the world, either wrestling or something else you enjoy.

Did We See Any Surprises?

Although there weren’t too many surprises on the night, we did see a couple of notable ones , including in one of the main fights of the night. That was Drew McIntyre defeating Randy Orton, a fight that Orton was the favourite for.

Elsewhere, another surprise came in the Raw tag team title matchup. Although holders of the titles, the Street Prophets were big outsiders to retain them when they faced Andrade and Angel Garza but it was the title holders that came out on top in this one. This will likely go down as being the biggest shock of the night on a night when few others took place.

It will be really interesting to see the story lines that come out of the event, as ever with SummerSlam there is plenty to talk about and that will no doubt include WWE Payback which is on the horizon.

This is often a key moment of the year for many WWE superstars, and we are right in the middle of the action now. What we saw at SummerSlam was many of the favourites winning their bouts, but the feeling is that there is plenty more coming in the next few weeks that could change things.

3 benefits of wrestling you should know

Wrestling is a popular sport in the modern world. Over the years, it has entertained millions of people across the globe. In the process, wrestling has become a lucrative sport that has created thousands of jobs. These are the well-known benefits of the game.

However, there are many other benefits of wrestling that many people do not know. They are benefits that can only be enjoyed by wrestlers and not those that watch sports. Here are three that you probably don’t know.

Wrestling Improves Your Physical Fitness

Wrestling is a perfect sport for keeping yourself fit. To become a good wrestler, you are required to do exercises every day or week, depending on why you joined the sport. The activities are meant to help you develop athletic skills, but they also benefit your body in many other ways.

For instance, physical exercises can help you build strength, power, flexibility, and speed. Your body keeps on improving and adjusting as you continue to practices, and the more you exercise, the more you become physically fit.

Wrestling also teaches you discipline when taking food. It promotes healthy eating habits where you take food that benefits your body as opposed to causing harm. This type of discipline also helps to keep your body in good shape.

But how does physical fitness benefit you?

Keeping yourself fit offers protection against many health issues. It reduces the probability of a heart attack, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Fitness also strengthens your bones, which then reduces the probability of breaking or suffering from bone diseases at a later age.

Wrestling Improves Your Mental Health

Wrestling is a sport that enhances your mental health. Due to the intensity of the sport, you have to train your mind to endure under tough conditions. You must learn to endure pain, which may be caused by tiredness and muscle pain while exercising and during a fight. Thus, wrestling helps you develop the mental toughness required to survive under pressure.

Wresting also requires you to remain attentive throughout a fight. It, therefore, trains you things such as anticipating and avoiding attacks in a matter of seconds to increases your chances of winning.

Therefore, the sport becomes an effective way of training your mind to be sharp at all times. This is a skill that you can use to play slots at Joker388 and win real money. You can learn more about slots by reading joker123.

Therefore, take part in wrestling if you want to build your mental health. The sport will also help you acquire vital mental skills that you can apply in other areas of life.

Wrestling Teaches Self-Defense    

The primary purpose of wrestling is entertainment. However, the sport also teaches you crucial self-defense tactics. This because the game is about fighting. That is why two or more people compete with each other to determine who is the strongest or the best.

But, before you can start competing, you need to go through training for months or years so that you can master acceptable fighting skills. Therefore, wrestling either for fun or with the intention of going professional allows you to learn self-defense.

You learn things such as how to remain calm under pressure, how to position your body, and defend yourself against certain types of attacks and weapons.

The self-defense skills are to be used in the ring to defend yourself against an opponent. However, the world is not the safest place. You might, therefore, come across bullies or thugs in the street at one time in your life.

The self-defense skills you learn through wrestling will help you in such situations. You can use them to defend yourself and your loved ones from anyone that wants to cause harm. Wrestling also teaches you discipline that prevents you from hurting your enemy more than might be required while defending yourself.

In conclusion, wrestling enhances your physical fitness. It builds your mental health and gives you skills that can be applied in other areas such as playing slots at Joker388. If you have never heard of slots, read joker123 to learn more. Finally, wrestling teaches you self-defense, which can also help you in the outside world.

Best trusted online casino sites in 2020

In order to have a successful gambling experience, it is essential to start only with the best online casino. It stands for a general understanding that your winnings will be paid out and the rules are fair. It is a bit more difficult to regulate any online activity, however, with casinos, it is essential to make the right choice to ensure that you have solid chances of winning. Otherwise, the fortune might turn your way during the game but abandon you at the most crucial stage. We have created this simple guide on choosing the most trustworthy online gambling establishment to help you avoid unnecessary struggles and potential money issues. Here our advice on the best websites to enjoy gambling safely.

First of all, we need to layout the main principles according to which we pick the most reliable gambling websites. There are some key points to pay attention to, such as:

Legislation. The establishment has to be officially licensed by the proper authorities. Otherwise, you cannot expect it to be a real online casino simply because no one oversees the rules following and fair practices. The website has to clearly state all of the legal information and list the jurisdiction under which it is registered. This is probably the first thing to pay attention to while browsing for a web casino.

Rankings. It is always a good idea to arrange a cross-review of the casino you are thinking of joining. There are numerous articles and sites that do thorough research and analyze the players’ feedback and determine whether this particular real money online casino is worthy of players’ time and attention. It is advisable to check both the good and the bad lists as one might appear on the latter but not on the first.

List of casino games. Of course, this point can hardly be named a concern of safety or trustworthiness. However, it is only fair to check it too. If there are no favorite games of yours on the website, why bother registering there? So it is always handy to go through the game list and make sure your beloved ones are there.

 Safety and software. The whole game flow depends upon the capacity of the website’s software. So it is essential to seek only reputable companies with proven software. This info can usually be found on the “about” page of the gambling site. Safety is also important and goes hand in hand with a trustworthy software provider. However, you also must check the payment methods available at the prospective casino. The type of money transfer can be safe and beneficial or can lack in protection and risk to be intervened. Look for official payment methods that are suitable for your situation and country.

Customer Care. In any situation or disputable situation, the customer care agent should step in and help to resolve the issue. Especially when the matter concerns real money. That is why customer care agents should be available around the clock and reachable via a variety of methods. It is necessary to pick the casino with helpful and friendly customer support to ensure the best possible gaming experience.

Bonus Systems. This is another great point to pay much of your attention. If you want to have a great start with some money boost – look for the attractive welcome bonuses and free spins. If you plan to have a long run with bonuses that start to give back over time – go for a high RTP percentage and other long-time benefits. Choose wisely, so the bonuses and prizes will fit your unique gaming strategy.

Taking into account each of this consideration, we have crafted a list of the most trusted and reputable online casinos as of 2020:

  • Spin Casino (RTP: 98.02%)
  • Jackpot City (RTP: 97.79%)
  • Royal Vegas Casino Online (RTP: 96.87%)
  • Betway Casino (RTP: 97.29%)
  • Euro Palace (RTP: 96.84%)
  • Ruby Fortune (RTP: 97.76%)

With these casinos, you can be sure to receive an excellent gaming experience from the licensed gambling establishments with a solid reputation gained over years and backed by numerous players.

Jason Copley is a gambling expert with years of experience. He has been an enthusiast in online gambling for more than 5 years. Mr. Copley shares his observations and knowledge so other players can have the most pleasurable gambling experience.

Can you make online bets on wrestling matches?

Not everybody realizes that you are able to bet on the outcome of wrestling matches. Most people realise that the big franchises like WWE are pre-scripted and known as sports entertainment instead of live professional sport. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t bet on it.

Let’s take a look through some hints and tricks to betting on wrestling to get you started.

Fake Or Real

The fact that most wrestling has predetermined outcomes doesn’t make picking winners any easier or harder. But you should think slightly differently on how you bet compared to other sports such as football or basketball.

A great little tip is to try and think of it from a writer’s point of view. If you were scripting the fight between two wrestlers, how would you script it and see it play out. Because it is scripted things like form and stats should make less of an impact with your decisions.

Following the wrestler’s story can be key to choosing the right bets to make, as you can make better decisions knowing what has been evolving around that wrestler character.

For example if you know that they have a rival that they are often fighting, knowing what happened in previous fights with this character and the lead up to the match can help you make better choices in deciding who you believe is more likely to win.

Where To Make Your Bet

Although not all bookmakers offer betting on wrestling matches, more and more are starting to offer these types of bets.

If you are not sure where to start looking to find where you’re able to make your bets, do a search on google, or your favourite search engine for online casinos offering wrestling bets.

Another idea would be to look on the wrestling forums and make a post to other fans asking where they place their bets.

What Type Of Bets

The great thing with betting online now is that you would normally find so many varied types of bets you can place.

No longer do you need to only bet on the outcome of a fight but you should be able to find some more obscure bets as well.

Other great types of bets include the next royal rumble winner or the next world champion. Just don’t forget as most wrestling is pre scripted its best to really follow the sport and know and understand what’s been happening recently in the story lines to be able to choose your bets wisely.

Free Bets

Lots of online bookmakers offer great bonus deals for signing up and using their services. Many can include free bets or double your stake bets.

Before committing to anyone online betting website, do a little research first and scout out which websites are currently offering the best bonus deals.

The bonus deals can change regularly so won’t always stay the same, so keep checking other sites all the time to grab yourself a great bonus deal.

Bet Small Or Bet Big?

Like with all sports gambling you should always set yourselves limits of what you are happy to lose and stick with that amount.

If you are an avid wrestling fan and follow the sport closely, then you may feel more confident betting larger amounts, but still only bet what you’re comfortable with.

If you are new to the world of wrestling then the best advice would be to start betting with small amounts of money. As you start to understand the sport more and follow the storylines you should start to grasp a better understanding and so can start to gamble a little more.

With all gambling the key is knowing when to stop and walk away. If you are on a bad run of form and keep losing, do not try and chase your losses. This will only dig you deeper into a hole. It’s time to walk away and play another day.

The same can be said for when you’re on a winning streak as good luck doesn’t last forever. If you are winning and pleased with the amount of money earnt from gambling, it’s time to walk away. It is better to walk away while you are up than to keep betting and eventually being down.

Sensible betting is important when gambling on wrestling, remember it should be about having fun not chasing your riches.

Do Your History

As previously mentioned, knowing characters’ back stories and previous fights in their career can help with your betting choices.

As their characters normally have a lot of outside the rings stories as much as in fight stories it’s important to know both sides, to fully understand whats going on with that characters storyline.

Knowing that maybe they are having a big, outside of the ring story going on, could help you predict what will happen in their next fight. Fans who follow all the ins and outs of the characters will have a lot more success with betting on wrestling compared to someone who rarely watches it.

Which Wrestling Brand To Choose?

Although WWE is one of the biggest brands in wrestling there are other franchises you can find to bet on such as AEW, ROH and Impact Wrestling.

As some of the other franchises are not as big as WWE it may be harder to find online casinos that offer bets on their fights. So you may need to do some looking online to try and find somewhere that offers these bets.


Online casinos and bookmakers now offer you the chance to gamble on pretty much every sport there is across the globe. So betting on wrestling is no different.

You should approach betting on wrestling like every other sport, as even though it is scripted we still don’t know the outcome of any fights. So doing research to aid your bet choices are important and so is luck.

Remember to always stop betting when the fun stops. Best of luck!




Could WWE stars gain exposure by featuring on slot games?

The world of online casino gaming is booming right now and for that reason, a lot of new games are being created to keep up with demand from players. In terms of slot games, there are many different types of game with a variety of themes.

This covers everything from sports to TV and film, the jungle, history, futuristic and much more. What slot developers are doing at the moment is trying to get one over on their competition by creating new games that players have not seen before in the hope their game is the next big thing.

Many lines have been exhausted in the past, could we be about to see developers turn to the WWE for their next big idea and create slot games based on superstars?

What Could the WWE Gain from This?

The key here is exposure. If slot developers come knocking on the door of the WWE then they should certainly snap up anything they can get their hands on. The WWE has seen ratings decline on Monday Night Raw, one of their two flagship programs, since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic and they need to turn things around somehow.

Fans have been drifting away for many years, some will have completely forgot about the WWE and what it can offer. Seeing slot games while they are playing at online casino sites could spark their interest again.

When you look at the selection of slot games available, many different companies have allowed officially licensed products to be released.

For example, look at what Marvel have done with their film stars, almost every one of them has a slot game about them, as well as bigger games about the Marvel series as a whole.

A Big Market for Slot Developers to Move Into

This would also have potential benefits for both sides, with the developers potentially onto a winner with a partnership between them and the WWE.

What is worth remembering here is just how competitive the casino industry is, there is a great demand for games from online casinos in particular, and every developer is battling to be the best.

The WWE is an entertainment business based around sport. We have seen sport related slots do well in the past and we have also seen entertainment slots do well. There is every chance that WWE slots would not only appeal to WWE fans but they would also appeal to general slot gaming fans who are looking for something else to play as a change.

If one slot game works well, more could then be created down the line and each of the big superstars could have their own game if things went really well and both sides of the agreement were seeing a benefit.

This is an interesting thing to keep an eye on, the WWE has been criticised in the past for not marketing itself and the superstars properly, this is a great way to get their names out there.

New WWE title coming for Raw Underground?

The new Raw Underground segments of the Monday night show have been received very well by fans. These segments offer clashes which look similar to MMA events, giving a different take to the usual action and something to look forward to.

The idea is simple, those creating the Raw show want something different to offer far in an attempt to improve ratings. These have gone down since the start of the pandemic, a time when those producing the show have had the challenge of no fans in attendance to work with.

If you want to know specifically who is behind this concept then it is probably best to look at the man who is presenting the action, Shane McMahon, a key piece in the WWE puzzle.

What has been noticeable so far is that the WWE Underground line up has included some already established stars, in order to quickly give fans something to latch onto. Dolph Ziggler and the Viking Raiders have taken part in the matches, alongside new names Arturo Ruas and Dabba-Kato.

This is seen as a platform to bring new fighters into the limelight, but with established names included too, fans are taking note. The original idea for this was given a mixed reaction by fans, though it has helped viewing figures which is the main reason for this being created in the first place.

With a few points added to the ratings figures, this innovative idea and the storylines that have stemmed from it appears to be working, for now.

Could WWE Bring a Raw Underground Title into Play?

The rumours suggest that Raw Underground is going to be worth watching over the coming weeks. The storylines are set to intensify and at the end of that, an official Raw Underground title is scheduled to be given to someone.

This could lead to the Underground matches becoming a feature of the main events in the future. It is these events that capture the imagination of fans and also where casual wrestling fans watch. These events also feature betting with selected bookmakers, so we could see new betting companies betting on WWE Raw Underground matches in the coming months.

It is expected that the belt would in some way replace the variety we have seen in the past. Most recently this was the WWE Hardcore Championship while before that it was known as the 24/7 Championship. When the title belt comes into force, it is likely that the belt will have a similar look and feel to these we have seen in the past.

With a belt brought into events, it would give the fighters something to work towards and give longevity to the matches, something that should keep fans on board and not see them move onto something else.

Over the coming weeks, keep your eye on the latest WWE news as we expect to see more from WWE Raw Underground.

At some point it seems likely we will see a title belt on offer for the competitors taking part in these fights.