Lawler says him not hosting the Hall of Fame is a “BS rumor”

Wrestling journalist Bill Apter and owner of made a video to announce that Jerry “The King” Lawler will indeed host the Hall of Fame ceremony despite the report from which said that Eva Marie will be hosting this year.

Apter, who is big friends with Lawler, texted him to ask him why he’s not hosting the gig this time around and Lawler apparently was unaware of the rumors, asking him where did he hear it. “BS rumor,” Lawler texted back, telling Apter to tell everyone to just enjoy the Hall of Fame on Saturday night.

The news of Eva Marie hosting the Hall of Fame did not go down very well with fans across social media and her name was trending on Twitter for quite a long time for all the wrong reasons. still has the story up and has not reacted to Apter’s video yet which disputes their story.

The Undertaker arrives in San Jose for WrestleMania

The Undertaker was completely absent from his WrestleMania 31 build with Bray Wyatt but the Phenom arrived in San Jose yesterday with his wife and former WWE Divas champion Michelle McCool.

The Undertaker arrived at the airport just like everybody else and with thousands of WWE fans descending upon the city for Mania weekend it was inevitable for him not to bump into fans. posted some photos on their page which shows the Undertaker with a beanie hat and sunglasses on posing for some photos with fans who were waiting for their luggage with him.

Taker’s appearance at WrestleMania 31 will be the first one since he lost the streak last year against Brock Lesnar. You can see the photos below.

WrestleMania Today report for 03/26/2015

The WWE Network had its first WrestleMania week broadcast with WrestleMania Today live from Axxess in San Jose, California.

The show was anchored by Michael Cole and featured Booker T and Corey Graves on the panel as well.

The first item to cover was the Brock Lesnar news that he re-signed wit the WWE. They show the ESPN SportsCenter clip where Lesnar announced his new deal with WWE and the three talked about what it means for the company to have Lesnar around.

Next on the agenda was the Intercontinental title match at WrestleMania. They show a funny recap video of the whole saga and then Wade Barrett joins the panel live. He said that he brought prestige back to the IC title much like Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior did back in their days. Cole noted that the Intercontinental title changed hands at 9 different WrestleManias so the odds are not in his favor.

A long, long, recap video of the feud between Randy Orton and The Authority was then aired followed by a taped sit-down interview with Orton and Booker T.

The Kevin Nash Hall of Fame video was replayed along with a WrestleMania Rewind of John Cena and a Rusev/Cena recap video. The video of Sting from Raw a couple of weeks back was also played as an introduction for the next segment.

Hall of Famer Ric Flair joined the panel live at Axxess and reveals that he tried to get Sting to the WWE in 1993, “before making the mistake of going back to WCW” himself. Flair talked why Sting decided to come to WWE now and said win, lose, or draw, Sting will be a WWE Hall of Famer. Booker T said this will be a defining moment for Sting and it will show why WCW had the best wrestlers of all time! Flair picks Triple H for the win and notes that HHH already jobbed three WrestleManias in a row and he won’t lay down for the fourth one!

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Hall of Fame video then airs and the panel is joined by Miz and Mizdow to talk about the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Curtis Axel crashes the stage and Axelmania runs wild.

A WrestleMania 25 Rewind of the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels was played, followed by a recap of the Undertaker/Bray Wyatt feud so far. The panelists talk about the match and the Undertaker’s streak.

Live cuts to the WWE SupersStore and Wade Barrett signing at Axxess were then shown followed by a Seth Rollins taped interview conducted by Booker T.

Another video this time about the Divas tag team match airs and then Paige joins the panel live. She’s happy with what she accomplished over the past year and wants to continue doing that, and being the champion again. She hopes that one day she’ll be in the WWE Hall of Fame. She said she and AJ are the weirdos of the Divas division and both of them are OK with it.

Parts of the Brock Lesnar interview with Jonathan Coachman on ESPN was aired and the panelists discuss who will win. Cole says no way Reigns will win and Booker T says Reigns will walk out as the champion. Corey Graves says Lesnar will pick up the win.

Cole says goodbye to everyone as Smackdown was about to start and invited everyone to tune in tomorrow same time for the second WrestleMania Today show.

WWE Studios teams up with Gene Simmons for new horror label

Variety is reporting that WWE Studios has teamed up with Gene Simmons to launch label Erebus Pictures to finance and produce horror movies.

“The horror genre continues to fascinate me as it proves to be endlessly thrilling and engaging for audiences,” said Simmons.

“Horror films fall into a genre that thrives on genuine passion, and I believe this partnership truly capitalizes on that sentiment and supports our vision,” said Michael Luisi, President of WWE Studios.

The deal starts with a three-picture co-production launching with the movie Temple, originally acquired and developed by WWE Studios.

Life-size bronze statue of the Ultimate Warrior unveiled at Axxess

An Ultimate Warrior life-size bronze statue was unveiled last night at WrestleMania Axxess with the Warrior’s family in the ring.

Triple H did the unveiling as Warrior’s widow Dana and their two daughters, Mattigan and Indiana, looked on in the ring.

“The legacy that he leaves behind is something I am so deeply proud of. I am also so proud of what he did here with all of you,” Dana Warrior said. “The Warrior fans really are the ultimate, and I want to thank you; thank you for taking the girls and I in, and loving us too because it has meant the world.”

After the unveiling, Dana, Mattigan, and Indiana grabbed the top rope and shook it just like Warrior used to do. The statue is on display at Axxess.

The Warrior family will be at Axxess meeting the legion of Ultimate Warrior fans and Dana will be presenting the Warrior Award tomorrow at the Hall of Fame ceremony.

WWE.COM has photos of the unveiling which you can see here.

Hideo Itami advances to the Andre Battle Royal after win at Axxess

Hideo Itami won the NXT mini tournament last night at Axxess to advance to the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal this Sunday at the WrestleMania Kickoff show.

The tournament had Finn Balor defeating Tyler Breeze and then Hideo Itami defeating Adrian Neville with the final Balor vs Itami which ultimately Itami won.

This will be Itami’s debut match at a televised live WWE event.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal moved to the Kickoff show

The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal has been moved from the WrestleMania pay-per-view to the Kickoff show. The Kickoff show will now have two matches, the battle royal and the fatal four way for the WWE Tag Team titles.

The demotion of the match to the Kickoff show now leaves the pay-per-view with seven matches on the card. The move is likely due to time constraints with some matches set to last longer than expected and maybe with some addition of “filler” segments in between.

The announcement of the match moving to the Kickoff show was made by Michael Cole during the WrestleMania Today broadcast on the WWE Network.

First look at the WrestleMania 31 stage setup

A photo snapped from inside the Levi’s Stadium, the home of WrestleMania 31, shows the set that is being constructed for this Sunday’s mega event.

The set features a gigantic LED video wall going across from one side to another with a big circle in the middle which looks like it will be the “play” button that has been part of the WrestleMania 31 logo. The words WrestleMania sit on top of the video wall but using a futuristic-looking font rather than the classic WrestleMania font.

The ring will be covered by some kind of canopy again as there are four large steel structures in the corners that will serve as the base to whatever will cover the ring.

The weather seems to be cooperating so far as forecasts indicate it will be 82 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday and will be sunny.

You can see the photo below.

Perro Aguayo Jr., died “almost instantly” from injuries according to autopsy report

The autopsy report of Perro Aguayo Jr., revealed that the Mexican lucha lire star died “almost immediately” of his injuries he suffered in the ring, suffering three fractured vertebrae and was dead by the time he was transported to the hospital, said Gilberto Cota Alanis, deputy prosecutor for Baja California state.

Prosecutors have opened an investigation, and Cota Alanis said the other wrestlers involved in the match would be questioned about the incident as well as Wrestling and Boxing Commission officials who handled Aguayo’s body and the medical workers who attended to him.

The whole incident started when Aguayo Jr., received a missile dropkick and then was thrown out of the ring via a hurricanrana. Once he came back in the ring, looking already a bit groggy, Aguayo Jr., was hit with another dropkick that set him up for the 619 but that was apparently the final blow that lead to his death.

WWE Diva Eva Marie to host the Hall of Fame ceremony is reporting that Jerry “The King” Lawler will be given the day off on Hall of Fame night as his hosting gig has just been given to someone else.

For the first time ever, a Diva will be the MC for the evening, and the honor has been given to Eva Marie.

Only four other individuals have hosted the Hall of Fame ceremony since 2005. Jerry “The King” Lawler has done the show six times, Todd Grisham twice, Gene Okerlund once, and in 2008, Grisham and Okerlund hosted the show together.

The Total Divas star is certainly not the most popular Diva among fans mostly due to her inexperience in the ring despite being in the company for two years already. She was introduced during the first season of Total Divas and has remained one of the cast members ever since.

WWE fan and celebrity Maria Menounos will be returning to host the red carpet event which will kick off an hour before the ceremony at 7PM EST.